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Atmos, from CallCabinet, is an award winning Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that harnesses the power of the cloud to record customer conversations. Providing a revolutionary “pay as you go” business model in order to meet regulatory compliance standards, in an economic, hassle-free format.

Call-Cabinet-Atmos-Logo CallCabinet’s Atmos is a game changing compliant interaction recorder that offers a unique “pay as you grow” (SaaS) business model. With automatic upgrades and 24x7 support, Atmos offers a distinctly disruptive technology that guarantees your calls (and soon all other interactions) will be recorded every time and stored in a secure and compliant environment. Access to recordings is simple via the Atmos HTML5 portal that offers all the flexibility of this web-based application that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere that there is an internet connection. The scalability of Atmos means that it is cost effective for organizations with as few as 2-3 users but also meets the needs of large enterprise.

CallCabinet - Atmos Plus Call Recording

Unlike most traditional recorders, Atmos offers monthly payments plans to organizations, thereby eliminating long term contracts. Atmos integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Skype for Business, Asterisk, Lync, Office 365 and most other telephony systems out there.

  • Skype-for-Business-Call-Recording
    using our award winning technology
  • Call-Cabinet-Encrypt
    compliant 256bit encryption
  • Call-Cabinet-Store
    using Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • Call-Cabinet-Retrieve
    with our easy to use HTML5 interface
  • Call-Cabinet-Evaluate
    easily evaluate your agent in minutes

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Key facts

  • Call-Cabinet-Products-Voice-Recording Enhanced voice recording
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantFully compliant
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-HadwareNo additional hardware required
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-SecurityAll calls securely recorded
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupFully redundant and backed up
  • Call-Cabinet-Availability99.99% availability
  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-GrowthUnlimited growth potential
  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-HTML5Cloud based HTML5‐driven

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What it’s all About

Atmos Call Recording, is a multi‐award winning application developed by CallCabinet, market leaders in enterprise voice logging and call recording solutions. Our knowledge and expertise in the enterprise provides the market with the first of its kind, cloud based COMPLIANT and secure call recording solution. Whether calls need to be recorded for staff training, dispute resolution, compliance or security reasons, Atmos provides complete flexibility, scalability and unlimited storage of calls and other sensitive data without additional hardware or installation services. All calls are stored in a 256-bit encrypted format, with the original file preserved in its original state with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and

specific to each individual call. This makes all recordings 100% compliant with regulatory legislation. All calls are stored in our cloud servers and are not only backed up, but have a redundant option across multiple servers and geographical locations. Atmos supports multiple time zones, multiple recording locations and the ability to search, sort and locate calls within seconds. Whether there is 1 location with 5 extensions or a nationwide infrastructure with multiple branches and millions of calls, our complaint call recording solution can do the job.

Specialized Atmos solutions

Atmos, has a revolutionary solution no matter what size the organization is or what are the recording needs. Atmos has integrations specifically in Skype for Business, Asterisk and mobile calls. CallCabinet is constantly developing new features and functions for Atmos as requirements are identified. Take us for a Test Drive and find out how you can join the call recording revolution!

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