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Welcome to Foundation, an easy-to-use premise-based call recording solution

Foundation, developed by CallCabinet, offers the enterprise an on-premise compliance recording system with a cloud based storage option.

Foundation gives the enterprise customer flexibility in storage without having to invest in on-premise secure storage solutions.

Foundation, using the Microsoft Azure Secure Storage Network, offer the enterprise a unique solution for long term storage of recordings and other data.

All calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and encrypted at source. Calls can be recorded with any brand of PBX, trunk or VoIP extension side.


Foundation supports multiple time zones and recording locations and has the ability to search, sort and locate your calls within seconds from any device, anywhere.

  • Call-Cabinet-Record

    using our award winning technology

  • Call-Cabinet-Encrypt

    compliant 256bit encryption

  • Call-Cabinet-Store

    using Microsoft Azure cloud storage

  • Call-Cabinet-Retrieve

    with our easy to use HTML5 interface

  • Call-Cabinet-Evaluate

    easily evaluate your agent in minutes


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Key facts

  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-Award-WinningPremise based call recording with award winning technology
  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-SecurityAll calls securely recorded and encrypted
  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-GrowthUnlimited growth potential
  • Call-Cabinet-Foundation-HTML5Cloud-based HTML5-driven with easy to use interface


Pricing is designed around your specific technology.
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  • Secure and compliant call recording and logging
  • Multi-tenant
  • Live call statistics
  • Seamless integration enables recording on any PBX
  • Full scalability
  • Optional backup cloud storage
  • Accessible from all internet-enabled device
  • On-demand recording
  • Full access audit trails with granular security

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