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Call Recording Software Engineered for the Future

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Atmos was born in the cloud, and proceeded to disrupt the entire call recording industry. Our award-winning platform continues to drive innovation, empowering the global evolution of the contact center with robust features and astounding versatility.

Welcome to Call Recording as a Service (CRaaS).
Welcome to the future of call recording.

Evolved Call Recording Software

Call recording platforms were once massively expensive hardware systems that were tied to a single physical location, even if your enterprise wasn’t. Not anymore.

Versatility for Every Enterprise

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Today’s enterprises need infrastructure that’s as flexible as they are. Atmos delivers by decentralizing compliance and quality assurance, allowing businesses to operate at full capacity in multiple locations. Plus, it plays nice with your current technology, seamlessly integrating with virtually every communication platform and CRM.

Compliance to the Core

Icon of the Atmos call recorder software for global compliance and data sovereignty

Critical compliance is built into Atmos call recording software, no matter where it goes. The platform is supported by data centers on 6 continents to meet global compliance and data sovereignty requirements, and redundant military-grade AES 256-bit rotating encryption and automated PCI redaction ensures your data remains secure.

Amplify Your Customer Experience

Icon of Atmos' built-in quality assurance features.

Robust, industry-leading QA features help you train agents and keep them at the top of their game. Powerful analytics allow you to track customizable metrics for teams and single agents. And our AI-powered keyword and emotion-detecting analytics quickly pinpoint pain and pride points to dramatically improve agent performance and CX.


Your Contact Center in the Cloud

Our Atmos platform puts call recording, analytics, AI, and quality assurance where your enterprise needs it – everywhere.

Versatility Features

The Perfect Fit for Today and Tomorrow

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that things change. Industries shift. Businesses grow. Why not entrust your critical compliance and QA processes to the world’s most dynamic call recording platform?

Icon of Atmos software for remote, dispersed, single-site, and multi-tenant operations.

Scales to Any Size Network

Whatever the size of your operation today – or tomorrow – Atmos remains a perfect fit. Atmos handles remote, dispersed, single-site, and multi-tenant operations with the same seamless efficiency and robust, industry-leading features. Plus, Atmos deploys rapidly, migrating legacy data across your entire enterprise into the cloud within days, if not hours.

Icon of lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on-premise systems.

Cost-Effective in Every Way

As a custom-implemented phone call recording software solution, Atmos sports a remarkably lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional systems. Gone are burdensome hardware, maintenance, physical storage and IT personnel costs. You only pay for what you need: a compliant, secure, flexible and future-proof call recording software solution.

Works With What You’ve Already Got

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to implement Atmos, or change your communications platform. Atmos’ platform-agnostic design allows it to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, Cisco, AWS, Avaya, and virtually every other tool in your contact center arsenal. That includes business intelligence platforms like Power BI and CRMs.

Image of Atmos by CallCabinet integrations with Cisco, Microsoft Teams, BroadSoft, Avaya,  and many more.

QA to Master Your CX

We take quality assurance to the next level with AI-powered analytics that instantly pinpoints pain points and perfects your customer experience.

Compliance Features

Keep Your Enterprise Buttoned Up

Today’s regulatory environment can be daunting, especially with remote agents working in multiple locations. Atmos is the cure to your compliance headache. As the original cloud-native call recorder software solution, Atmos was designed for compliance from day one.

Secure and Redundant Redundancy

Icon of Atmos' data redundancy.

You will never lose your valuable call recording software data with Atmos’ cloud-native architecture. It’s duplicated network-wide through penetration-tested data centers on 6 continents, and thoroughly secured by military-grade 256-bit rotating AES encryption.

Your Data is Always Available, and Always Yours

Icon of Atmos voice data is always available.

Some call recording solutions lock your data away or encode it to a proprietary format that’s useless outside of their platform. Atmos doesn’t. We believe that your call recording data should be available to you 24/7/365, no matter where you are. And that it should remain in a format you can actually use when retrieved and decrypted.

More Compliance for Less Worries

Icon of Atmos is the most compliant call recording software solution.

Atmos was engineered to be the most fundamentally compliant call recording software solution imaginable. For example, the redundancy of our intercontinentally multi-located servers provides an uptime of 99.999%, which meets availability requirements as well as global compliance and data sovereignty regulations. And Atmos’ PCI redaction can be implemented either manually or automatically through API call or AI-powered speech recognition, so you never have to worry about it unless you want to.

QA Features

Perfect Your Customer Experience

You can’t improve your customer experience without understanding what it looks like at any given moment. And you can’t listen in on every customer interaction. Fortunately, Atmos call recording software has you covered with quality assurance features engineered into its very core.

Icon Atmos analytics turns your voice data into actionable business intelligence.

Smart, Omniscient Analytics

Atmos hears everything and turns it into actionable business intelligence. Its analytic engine is powered by a learning AI that can recognize words, emotion, and sentiment as well as pace, volume, pitch, and tone. Atmos can be your ears for every agent interaction, giving you unprecedented insights with superior accuracy right out of the box.

Icon of Atmos phone call recording software enables businesses to increase sales, and improve customer experience.

Fine Tune Agent Performance

Armed with precision customer experience data, you are able to carefully evaluate agent performance on the metrics that matter most to your enterprise. Measure courtesy, efficiency, clarity, and urgency, and let real, actionable data guide your team to increased sales, and next-level customer experience.

Icon of Atmos’ AI-voice analytics.

Better Data for Better Decision Making

Atmos’ analytics are supported by a suite of over 200 customizable reports, offering in-depth intel to guide your business processes and decisions. Plus, our omni-channel analytics combine actionable data from voice recordings with text from web chats, social media, and email for a truly complete picture of your most important KPI, the net promoter score.

AI that Speaks Your Language

Our Atmos platform’s robust analytics is driven by an advanced AI that can identify emotion and predict actionable business outcomes.

Rapid Deployment

It doesn’t matter what size your company or contact center is. The cloud-native Atmos call recording software solution can be swiftly implemented across your enterprise.

Icon of Atmos is phone system and PBX agnostic.

Get Up and Running with Call Recording Software

If you’ve used a hardware-based call recorder, you might expect the same level of investment in time and hardware to implement the system. But not with this call recording software solution! Atmos works on the equipment you already own, with the software you’re already using.

Disruptive, So You Can Be

As you can imagine, our cloud-native call recording software has really changed the game for the compliance recording industry. But by propelling innovation, CallCabinet has enabled contact centers to experience rapid growth and evolution.

Icon of rapid growth and evolution for contact center's.
  • Compliantly work-from-anywhere
  • Swiftly scale up or down your contact center operations
  • Attack new markets
  • Outpace competitors
  • Reduce your TCO

Next-Level Analytics

When call recording software is as feature-rich as Atmos, it’s easy to overlook the things that make the platform so remarkably powerful. But even if our integrated AI-powered analytics aren’t at the top of your checklist, chances are that they’ll earn a place there in no time.

Icon of Atmos' AI-powered analytics.
  • Quickly find any term, phrase, or emotion
  • Add dimension to your agent performance benchmarks
  • Compile rich examples for in-depth agent training
  • Instantly flag and address performance failures
  • Completely re-define your target customer experience

Compliance Has Never Been So Cost-Effective

Even if you’ve never faced penalties for non-compliance, you know how dangerous it is for your enterprise to not follow regulations. Implementing a call recording software solution is the beginning of a solution, but implementing Atmos is the complete compliance solution.

Icon of implementing a compliance call recording software solution.
  • Enforces PCI compliance with automatic redaction
  • Flag compliance failures
  • Automatically comply with data sovereignty requirements
  • Automatically comply with data security requirements
  • Never lose data

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Industry Recognition

Proud recipient of these awards from respected industry associations.

Image: CallCabinet receives ITExpo 2015 Best in Show Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2018 Cloud Computing Excellence Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2017 Contact Center Technology Award
Image:  CallCabinet receives 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2016 ITExpo Best in Show Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2020 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2020 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2020 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2021 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2021 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2019 Contact Center Technology Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2018 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2015 Internet Telephony Skype for Business Pioneer Award
Image: CallCabinet receives 2019 Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards
Image: CallCabinet receives TMC 2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award
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