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AtmosS4B – Command Line Deployment

AtmosS4B – Command Line Deployment

In order to deploy the application please use the following command line tool:

Version 1.x.x
msiexec /i “<location>\atmosS4B1.6.3.msi” /LE “c:\tmp\package.log” /quiet CUSTID=“<CustID>” SITEID=“<SiteID>” DEEPHIDE=“true”

Version 2.x.x
msiexec /i “<location>\atmosS4B2.0.0.msi” /LE “c:\tmp\package.log” /quiet CUSTID=“<CustID>” SITEID=“<SiteID>” DEEPHIDE=“true” S4BENABLED=”true” SKYPEENABLED=”true”

Please take note of the following:

1. Replace the <CustID> and <SiteID> with your values.
2. Replace the <location> with the network or drive location of the install file.
3. The optional /LE command can be used to specify a log file for the install.
4. Run the script as administrator.
5. The DEEPHIDE=“true” command at the end will enable the hidden functionality, please commit if this is not required.
6. For version 2.x.x, S4BENABLED=”true” SKYPEENABLED=”true” will activate Skype for Business and Skype support respectively.