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Why Webex call recording and CallCabinet is a match for the ages

CallCabinet | November 30, 2022

Webex by Cisco has been around for more than 10 years, and many organizations all over the world have used it to collaborate and communicate in one way or another. Cisco is known for creating solutions that meet market demand, as can be seen with Webex Contact Center – an omnichannel solution that helps shift contact centers into valuable assets. 

CallCabinet itself recently celebrated ‘A decade of compliance’. For every Webex platform developed to enable modernized business conversations, CallCabinet was there and continues to ensure organizations gain unsurpassed business intelligence from it. It’s a partnership that’s been around the block and one to take note of. 

What exactly is CallCabinet

CallCabinet is the most comprehensive, cloud-native compliance call recording, unlimited conversation analytics and quality assurance automation solution available. It is the one solution that offers true multi-tenancy, covers all conversation recording from low to high volume, and backs it with global support and data sovereignty. Regardless of the communications platform you use.   

One solution for them all

There’s real value in having a single solution that integrates seamlessly with whichever communications platform a business prefers to use. These days, finding a solution like this is all too rare, and businesses often face severe limitations from their acquired solutions. It is no wonder that CallCabinet has built a well-earned reputation for doing precisely that. 

From the latest Webex Contact Center to Webex Calling Dedicated Instance, Webex Calling Multi-Tenant, HCS, UCM, UCM Cloud as well as UCCE and UCCX contact centers (on-prem), CallCabinet simply works with them all. A fact that makes it that much easier for a company  to adopt other technologies in their communication spectrum, especially where modern businesses regularly require the use of more than one communications platform provider.  

A proven track record

CallCabinet is a long-standing Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner and SolutionsPlus partner. Available on Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) and Cisco Global Price List (GPL), CallCabinet makes it easy for enterprises to gain business intelligence from their recording data. 

CallCabinet’s proven track record within the world’s most heavily regulated industries and beyond speaks for itself. With over 5 billion minutes recorded annually, the depth of CallCabinet is unsurpassed and the reason it is so easy for businesses to adopt. 

It’s just easy

Easy to use, easy to sell, easy to deploy and easy to win. Since revolutionizing the call recording industry more than a decade ago by creating the world’s first cloud-native recording solution, CallCabinet continues to innovate. Innovation keeps CallCabinet ahead of the pack and makes it readily available for so many of the unified communications (UC), IP-PBX and telephony platforms out there. 

It’s also innovation that lead CallCabinet to become the first solution of its kind available through Microsoft Transact, have a Microsoft Teams app add-in, and integrates seamlessly with third-party solutions such as Bloomberg Vault and SteelEye. 

Get the business intelligence you need

Whether you have a pure Webex environment or running other platforms with Webex, CallCabinet is the solution that will transform your recording data into actionable business intelligence. From future-proof compliance call recording to unlimited conversation analytics and quality assurance automation, CallCabinet is what you should be looking for. 

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