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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in CallCabinet

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security protocol that grants access to a digital application only after the user presents two forms of digital identification. CallCabinet utilizes an email-based 2FA method that is easily enabled on a per-user basis.

Step 1:

To begin, log into CallCabinet with administrative privileges and perform the following tasks:

  1. From the”Home Page”, open CallCabinet’s application menu on the left hand side and select “Settings”.
  2. From the “Settings” menu that drops down, select “Users”.


Step 2:

For our example we’ll add a new user by clicking the “Add New User” button.


(Note, to apply 2FA to an existing user, simply edit the user details by selecting the edit pencil  Icon Screenshot on the right hand side next to the user’s name.

Step 3:

Add your new user with the following steps:

  1. Fill in the user details (email, roles, etc.). Note, all new users must have a working email address to be given an CallCabinet account.
  2. At the bottom of the “Add New User” form, check the “Two Factor Authentication” box.
  3. Click “Save”.


Step 4:

Your new user will receive an email notification to login into CallCabinet. Existing users will not receive an email, but they will receive the 2FA prompt the next time they log into CallCabinet.


Step 5:

When a new or existing user logs in, they will be prompted to provide a security code.


Step 6:

The user will promptly receive the code by email.


Step 7:

The user will input the code to gain access to CallCabinet.


Step 8:

Note, new users will be prompted to personalize their password, after which they will be brought to the CallCabinet Home Page.


To disable 2FA, simply edit the desired user by unchecking the “Two Factor Authentication” box..