Enable Digital Transformation

CallCabinet’s data migration service enables businesses globally to migrate call recording data to the cloud in line with their digital transformation strategies. Whether your business has legacy or proprietary recording systems, on-premise or hybrid, migrating your recorded voice data to the CallCabinet cloud allows you to achieve digital transformation seamlessly at your own pace.

Compliant Data Migration

It is crucial to ensure that the migration of your business recording data aligns with both regional and international regulatory requirements. CallCabinet guarantees that your data migration is carried out in strict adherence to the global regulations that govern your company or industry.


Unique Migration Service

We’ve created a 6-step process by which your legacy or proprietary data is unlocked from its current environment, giving you back complete ownership of your data. Once migrated to the CallCabinet cloud, your data is immediately accessible and available for business access and intelligence processing.

End-to-end Call Recording and Analytics

Whether your business needs to migrate data or start from scratch, CallCabinet solutions are designed so that you customize packages for any unique business needs, selecting from Core Recording, Advanced Recording, Standard Analytics or Advanced Analytics.


For more information on CallCabinet’s compliant recording data migration, download this brochure.

See CallCabinet in Action

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