Contact Center Quality Assurance (QA)

Contact Center Quality Assurance plays a critical role in ensuring exceptional customer experiences and regulatory compliance for contact centers, or for both inbound and outbound sales calls. The CallCabinet call QA tools shown below deliver streamlined and automated processes for those businesses looking for optimal efficiency across any department and any communications platform.

Proper call quality assurance starts with recorded data compliance. With CallCabinet your business can securely and compliantly capture every conversation from across any communication platform and have it readily available for analysis.

Detailed analysis of each interaction is available in near real-time, including sentiment, call summaries, key actions, and the ability to query the conversation data for in-depth exploration.

CallCabinet Quality Assurance Detailed Interaction Analysis
Customizable scorecard phrase editor

Save countless manual review hours with automated QA and call scoring. Score every call according to your set criteria to proactively improve processes, employee coaching, and identify areas of revenue leakage which, when closed, result in increased revenue and optimal employee performance.

Personalize how your business measures and interprets data, ensuring your analytics are perfectly aligned with your specific business objectives.

Not only can you automate call QA according to the metrics you set in your customizable scorecard, you can also manually override any specific recording’s automated score should the need arise. By combining automated insights with manual reviews, supervisors can maintain consistency in scoring and address any discrepancies effectively.

Manual and Automated QA Integration

Fine-tune your search with granular controls. Set thresholds for clarity, crosstalk, or silence, and filter results to pinpoint specific calls exceeding those levels. Drill down further by cross-referencing criteria like user, group, call type, sentiment, content, or any combination imaginable.

Screen & Video Recording

Gain a clear view of what team members have open on their screens when talking to customers. This helps your business monitor workforce performance, streamline procedures and processes, quickly resolve customer conflicts, and more accurately identify best practices.

Seamlessly meet privacy mandates by leveraging automatic redaction capabilities for personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive credit card data.

Speech-to-Text Transcription

A comprehensive and precise record of what was said and by whom during all your recorded business conversations. Includes speaker identification and multi language requirements.

Multilingual Transcription

CallCabinet offers pairing of languages for multinational businesses that require accurate conversation data accommodating specific operational transcription requirements. This feature enables businesses to effortlessly serve their clients across languages.

Define Your Own Language

Apply your own custom vocabulary libraries with business or industry-specific terms or jargon, and implement them within your search, keyword/key phrase tagging and evaluation metrics.

Multilingual Transcription<br />
Conversation analytics overview

Drill down on each call to view the complete interaction journey. This includes call flow, insights generated by our AI technology analyzing your call data, and a clear view of the call transcript.

Integrate Performance Data

Voice analytics data and team member scorecard data can both be exported to external systems and merged with other enterprise analytics packages and dashboards, to provide single pane-of-glass quality assurance and performance reporting.


Compliant Call Recording Packages

Ensure business policy, script and regulatory requirements are met across your workforce – wherever they may operate in the world – all while enjoying the same user interface regardless of communications platform.


Call Content Analysis Packages

Step up your CX with CallCabinet’s AI-driven analytics that utilizes deep machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to analyze sentiment, trends and more. Analyze voice or a range of other data sources for a complete view of every business conversation.

Unlock Legacy Recording Data

Numerous businesses face the challenge of being burdened by legacy recording data, scattered across multiple outdated platforms and data farms, leaving them without comprehensive access, searchability, or analytical capabilities for that data. CallCabinet has the expertise to securely liberate this data and seamlessly migrate it to the CallCabinet cloud, ensuring your business doesn’t miss out on valuable insights or lose valuable time searching for calls.

CallCabinet-Unlock Legacy-Recording-Data

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