Quality Assurance (QA) Tools

With powerful quality assurance tools built into each of CallCabinet’s call recording and analytics offerings, your business will know exactly how well your enterprise is performing customer service, and how you can improve your customer experience.

Screen Recording

Screen recording gives managers a clear view of what employees have open on their screens when talking to customers. This helps you monitor workforce performance, streamline procedures, quickly resolve customer conflicts, and allows you to more accurately identify best practices.

Define Your Own Language

Our solutions are not only designed to work in multiple languages, but also numerous industries. Apply your own custom vocabulary libraries with business or industry-specific terms or jargon, and implement them within your search and evaluation metrics.


Granular Search Features

Set thresholds for clarity amounts of crosstalk or silence, and filter results to show only calls that exceed specified levels. Search criteria can be further cross-referenced by specific user, group, call type, sentiment, content, or any combination of these.

Evaluate Workforce Performance

Supervisors and Quality Assurance managers can monitor performance of their entire workforce or track individual agents to assess strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.

Define Your Own Metrics

Customize your own Quality Assurance and performance metrics to precisely measure your employees using the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential for driving your business success.

Create Custom Scorecards

Our analytics solutions feature an intuitive Visual Scorecard Creator, enabling managers to effortlessly design custom decision trees that accurately score and monitor performance, consistently aligning with the standards set by your organization.

Integrate Performance Data

Voice analytics data and agent scorecard data can both be exported to external systems and merged with other enterprise analytics packages and dashboards, to provide single pane-of-glass quality assurance and performance reporting.


Compliant Call Recording

Ensure business policy, script and regulatory requirements are met across your workforce – wherever they may operate in the world – all while enjoying the same user interface regardless of communications platform.


Call Content Analysis

CallCabinet’s AI-driven analytics utilizes deep machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to analyze both sentiment and emotion. Analyze voice or a range of other data sources for a complete view of every business conversation.

Unlock Legacy Recording Data

Numerous businesses face the challenge of being burdened by legacy recording data, scattered across multiple outdated platforms and data farms, leaving them without comprehensive access, searchability, or analytical capabilities for that data. CallCabinet has the expertise to securely liberate this data and seamlessly migrate it to the CallCabinet cloud, ensuring your business doesn’t miss out on valuable insights or lose valuable time searching for calls.

CallCabinet-Unlock Legacy-Recording-Data

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