Automated PCI DSS Redaction

By automatically identifying and redacting PCI data, your business not only ensures compliance but also enhances security and operational efficiency, ultimately reducing risks and building customer trust. CallCabinet’s call recording interface features an automated PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) redaction tool.

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Key Features and Benefits

Call Playback Interface

Assigned To: This field displays which agent the call was assigned along with contact details.

Call Info: Includes call details such as phone number, caller ID, start time, call duration, direction (incoming or outgoing), and customer reference.

Access Log: Captures access events log detailing who accessed the recording and when.

Call Playback Controls

Playback Options: Includes controls for play/pause, playback speed adjustment (1x, 2x), and a waveform display of the audio recording.

PCI Compliance Redaction

Redacted Segments: The waveform display shows the call segments impacted by PCI compliance redaction. These redacted segments are marked with the lock icons where verbal redaction has occurred.

Redaction Markers: These sections are highlighted in red with labels such as “RESTRICTED” and “PCI COMPLIANCE.”

Additional Features

Tags, Legal Hold, Notes, Flag, Share, Email, Download: Users have access to various functionalities for tagging important parts of the call, placing a legal hold, adding notes, flagging, sharing, emailing, and downloading the recording or parts of it.

Notes and Screenshots: Users can add notes throughout the time of the call for specific segments and capture screenshots relevant to the call.

Key Benefits of Automated PCI DSS Redaction

Enhanced Security: Automatically redacting sensitive payment card information helps in maintaining compliance with PCI DSS requirements, ensuring that sensitive data is not stored, accessed, or transmitted improperly. Redacted data remains redacted even when the call data is compliantly shared.

Compliance Assurance: Ensures that call recordings adhere to PCI DSS regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Operational Efficiency: Saves time and reduces the manual effort required to identify and redact sensitive information, streamlining the compliance process.

Risk Mitigation: Minimizes the risk of data breaches by ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is not exposed in call recordings.

Trust and Reliability: Builds trust with customers and stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining high compliance standards.

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