Secure and Compliant Call Recording

CallCabinet’s Core Recording is designed for any business needing to record, store, and playback calls for improved customer experience, internal training and expedited customer conflict resolution in adherence with PCI DSS, MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, POPI, and more.

Record Any Platform

Capture every conversation regardless of the unified communications (UC) platform, IP-PBX or telephony system your business is using. CallCabinet aggregates recording data into a uniform user experience across your organization.

Advanced Call Playback and Tagging

Seamless integration with all major communications platforms is what enables CallCabinet to deliver superior audio capture, precise tagging, and execute granular search capabilities that optimize efficiency.

CallCabinet Record-Any-Platform
CallCabinet Compliant-Call-Sharing

Compliant Call Sharing

CallCabinet enables your business to share entire calls or fractions of a call without exposing the conversation data to any unwanted views at any time.

Customizable Retention Policies

Many organizations have to contend with numerous regulations as they pertain to specific departments within the organization. CallCabinet’s customizable retention policies lets your business set retention policies according to business needs.

Legal Hold

When disputes arise, specific call recording data may require custom retention requirements until the dispute is resolved, beyond the normal regulatory retention period. CallCabinet allows specific legal holds to be applied to each and every recording as required.


Included with all CallCabinet products!

CallCabinet’s revolutionary compliant call recording solutions come standard with military-grade security, data sovereignty, multi-tenancy, data resilience, data redundancy, unlimited storage, global support, and much more.

CallCabinet Product Comparison

Solution Attributes Core Recording License Advanced Recording License Standard Analytics License Advanced Analytics License
Compliant Call Recording
Advanced Playback & Tagging
Unlimited Admin Licenses
Unlimited Audio Storage
Customizable Retention Policies
Compliant Call Sharing
Legal Hold
Call Reporting Dashboard
Screen Capture and/or Video Recording  
Manual PCI DSS Redaction  
QA & Agent Evaluation Tools  
Unlimited Quality Assurance (QA) Licenses  
API Support  
Automated PCI Redaction    
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis    
Detailed Voice Analysis    
Business Intelligence Dashboards included:  Overview, Risk & Compliance, Agent Performance, Call Classification, and Customer Experience    
Business Intelligence Dashboards included: Automated QA, Sales Intelligence, Collections Intelligence, Churn Intelligence, Risk Intelligence, Customer Service Intelligence, and Historical Trend Analysis      
AI data analysis of multiple data sources (Email, Chat, and Social Media)      
Multi-Language Transcription      
Automated email summary reports and notifications      
Monthly consultation with dedicated CallCabinet data scientist      
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Unlock Legacy Recording Data

Many businesses are stuck with legacy recording data from outdated recording platforms with no way to fully utilize that data. CallCabinet can jailbreak this data and compliantly migrate it to the CallCabinet cloud, consolidating all recording for easy sharing, searching and analyzing.


See CallCabinet in Action

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