AI-driven Conversation Analytics

Businesses worldwide must leverage technology to advance business success, especially during uncertain market conditions. CallCabinet’s enterprise-class AI analysis, conversation analytics, and intelligence solutions enhance efficiency and drive growth across departments, in easy-to-read, business intelligence dashboards.

Analyze Any Conversation From Any Device

CallCabinet is platform-agnostic, integrating seamlessly with major unified communications platforms, IP-PBX, telephony, and third-party business systems. Leverage CallCabinet’s innovative call recording solutions to unlock unrestricted conversation intelligence across all communication platforms, devices and timeframes.

Intelligent Analytics Dashboards

Your organization is unique, and so is the way you use and interpret your data. CallCabinet provides ready to use analytics dashboards reflecting your voice data intelligence (Standard Analytics), or even deeper intelligence across up to 4 additional conversation data sources including email, social media, and chat (Advanced Analytics) to accelerate and precisely target your specific business insights.

CallCabinet Analytics Deep Analysis Using Generative AI

Deep Analysis Using Generative AI

Use CallCabinet’s built-in, generative AI engine to engage deeper with specific conversation recordings or batches of recordings. Given the vast possible uses of this feature, your company can save time and gain non-biased results with the ability to choose from preset questions or by typing your own custom queries. Summarize a conversation, check for specific activities, identify commonalities, and quickly export the results.

Risk And Compliance Analytics

CallCabinet’s user-friendly dashboards provide an in-depth analysis of risk and compliance for recorded conversations based on your company’s chosen metrics. The initial dashboard offers a quick overview of your company’s trend analysis, highlighting Business Risk and Compliance Risk.

The Business Risk dashboard evaluates categories such as Cancellation Risk, Complaints Risk, and Legal Threat, presenting probability and severity for all calls. Explore further by delving into individual agent data, listening to calls, or utilizing our generative AI for call summaries.

The Compliance Risk dashboard focuses on Verification and Privacy categories, presenting the probability and severity of calls, with the same detailed drill-down features as the Business Risk dashboard.

CallCabinet Analytics Risk And Compliance Analytics

Standard Analytics

Harness the power of comprehensive prebuilt business intelligence dashboards that offer instant insights derived from your captured voice data. Empower data-driven decision-making through real-time reporting tailored to your specific business needs.

Choose the Standard Analytics solution to focus on advanced customer experience characteristics that help improve the customer journey, agent training, employee retention, and accelerated ROI. Use CallCabinet’s integrated generative AI feature to engage directly with your recorded data. Opt for a pre-set inquiry, or craft your own, and get instant results.

CallCabinet Analytics Screenshots Standard Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Let customizable, prebuilt business intelligence dashboards deliver data-driven insights with up to four additional communication data sources. Propel intelligence-driven decisions through real-time reporting tailored specifically to your business needs.

Choose Advanced Analytics to focus on revealing deeper insights into business-critical KPIs such as sales won/lost metrics, collections success/failure rates, customer retention and churn data, risk intelligence, automated QA, and historical trend analysis.

The need to engage with a global customer base often involves multiple languages occurring within one conversation. CallCabinet provides a number of Multilingual Transcription options catering to the transcription needs of multinational enterprises while ensuring precision in their data.

CallCabinet Analytics Screenshots Advanced Analytics

Migrate Your Data

Whether your communications platform is an on-premise, hybrid or cloud deployment, CallCabinet lets your business meet digital transformation targets at your own pace.  Safely and securely migrate all legacy and proprietary recording data to the CallCabinet cloud for deep analysis across the entirety of your stored conversation data and gain immediate accessibility.

See CallCabinet in Action

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