Webex by Cisco:  Compliant Call Recording Solutions

CallCabinet’s revolutionary, compliance call recording solutions are enabling unrestricted business intelligence within any communications environment. From Webex Calling, Webex Go and Webex Contact Center to UCM and BroadWorks, CallCabinet helps advance business success with future-proof regulatory compliance, next-gen conversation analytics with custom business intelligence reporting and quality assurance automation tools.


Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner

As a long-standing Cisco Preferred Solutions and SolutionsPlus Partner, CallCabinet’s proven track record among the world’s most heavily regulated industries delivers call recording solutions that are uniquely versatile and flexible within any communications platform environment. 


Call Recording In Any Environment

With CallCabinet, all of your conversations are captured wherever the call takes place, and however your services are hosted. Know what was said and how it was said during 100% of conversations with CallCabinet’s rich features and enable data driven decision making.


CallCabinet Webex Calling Multi Tenant Dedicated Instance Webex Go

Webex Calling (Multi-Tenant & Dedicated Instance) & Webex Go

CallCabinet’s deep integration capabilities allows your hybrid workforce to remain compliant across any device, any time, anywhere with Webex Calling. Customizable to fit your operation, CallCabinet gives you powerful granular controls, next-gen artificial intelligence and so much more.


CallCabinet Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center

Not only is CallCabinet ensuring 100% of the calls from Webex Contact Center are compliantly recorded, but enterprises can easily and securely share this data to third-party systems such as Bloomberg Vault and SteelEye.


CallCabinet Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution HCS

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

Whether you are a Service Provider who provides HCS or an organization that needs HCS recording, CallCabinet provides truly robust HCS integrations for any environment.


CallCabinet Cisco UCM

Cisco UCM

CallCabinet is thoroughly tested and fully integrated with CUCM for Automatic Call Recording (ACR). The CUCM and supported Cisco IP phones and devices actively connect to the cloud recording platform, capturing all voice streams and metadata through Built-in-Bridge (BIB) and CUBE.


Cisco call recording UCCX UCCE


Both Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) customers make use of CallCabinet’s comprehensive call recording solutions to optimize their customer and employee experience.

End-to-end Call Recording

  • Next-gen conversation analytics
  • Powerful artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Specialized machine learning
  • Custom business intelligence reporting
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Trend, pattern monitoring
  • Data aggregation (multiple communication channels including email, voice, chat and social media)
  • Automated notifications/alerts (specific to business intelligence reporting)
  • And much more

Move Legacy Recording Data To The Cloud

Enterprise users adopting Cisco’s unified communication and collaboration platforms should enjoy every benefit of the cloud, even if it requires migrating legacy voice recording data to the cloud. CallCabinet can help.

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