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The Ideal Cisco Call Recording Solution

Cisco offers a broad variety of integrated solutions for the enterprise, collaboration and contact center. CallCabinet makes sure they can all be utilized compliantly.

A Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

Just as Cisco pioneered Unified Communications (UC) for businesses, CallCabinet pioneered cloud-based compliance recording. Our Cisco compliance solutions are dynamic enough to operate seamlessly with the broad variety of communications platforms and technologies Cisco offers.

As a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, CallCabinet brings award-winning contact center compliance, quality assurance, agent evaluation, and business intelligence analytics to Cisco-based enterprises around the world.

Value for Your Enterprise

Enterprise customers are often shocked by how well CallCabinet solutions integrate with their Cisco platform – as if they were made for each other. That’s by design. It’s difficult to imagine a more perfectly aligned Cisco call recording solution.

The Cisco Call Recording Saas Solution

CallCabinet’s Cisco compliance solutions are available via customizable SaaS subscription pricing plans. It is, therefore, evergreen, can be rapidly deployed in hours, and liberates your enterprise or SMB from burdensome and costly on-site hardware and the need for dedicated IT support.

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Bring Compliance To Your Cisco Call Network

Compliance takes more than knowing how to record a call on a Cisco phone. CallCabinet modernizes your Cisco call network to record, store, and send call recordings compliantly, meeting or exceeding virtually every regulatory standard.

Work From Anywhere

Our award-winning cloud-native recording platform has been instrumental in enabling enterprises to shift toward remote work methodologies. This aligns perfectly with Cisco’s role as one of the world’s leading UC platform technology providers.

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Cisco UCM Compliance

CallCabinet has thoroughly tested and fully integrated our cloud-based compliance recording platform with CUCM for Automatic Call Recording (ACR). The CUCM and supported Cisco IP phones and devices actively connect to the cloud recording platform, capturing all voice streams and metadata through Built-in-Bridge (BIB) and CUBE.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our Cisco UCM solution delivers fully integrated call recording compliance, automated Quality Assurance, and actionable voice data analytics that can provide invaluable business intelligence for your enterprise.

Supported Cisco Call Scenarios

CallCabinet unifies compliance recording requirements under a single platform that’s fully compatible with Cisco desktop phones, softphones or hybrid combinations of the two. Our multi-tenant solution ensures that your business interactions are captured and stored no matter where or when they happen.

CallCabinet records the following Cisco call scenarios for in-office and hybrid work environments.

  • Inbound / Outbound Calls
  • Transferred Calls
  • Fixed and Hot Seating
  • Conference Calls

Cisco UCM Cloud Integration

Of course, CallCabinet’s cloud-native compliance recording solution is fully integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM Cloud) and Dedicated Instance (DI) for Webex Calling.

Managed service providers can record enterprise-class users on UCM Cloud directly from the Cisco data center without the need for the customer to have on-premise equipment.

CallCabinet’s comprehensive Cisco solutions can be deployed quickly with a wide array of integration paths within the Cisco infrastructure. This allows managed service providers to provision customers through UCM Cloud using Cisco IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), with the provisioning data being shared by CallCabinet’s platform in real-time.

Cisco UCM Cloud Call Recording Anywhere You Need It

Whether you’re an enterprise customer seeking a global UCM Cloud recording solution or a managed service provider delivering UCM Cloud, let Atmos provide compliant call recording, AI-driven analytics and automated QA to your UCM Cloud operation.

Managed Service Provider Install

Deploy our Cisco UCM Cloud integration into the Cisco data center using Cisco IaaS and our Built-In-Bridge (BIB) call recorder.

Support Global Customers

Global enterprises can deploy UCM Cloud alongside our platform, ensuring redundancy and resilience through the Cisco IaaS network. This allows Cisco data centers to act as redundant global capture points.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

Whether you are a Service Provider who provides HCS or an end customer who needs HCS recording, we’ve got you covered with truly robust HCS integrations for any environment.

Our seamless integration with any Cisco HCS relies upon our foundational multi-tenant architecture, allowing service providers the ability to effortlessly support an unlimited number of HCS customers. They can be implemented directly, or via built-in-bridge (BIB).

Through a multitude of integration paths, CallCabinet’s platform deploys swiftly within the service provider infrastructure. Once connected to HCS, service providers can continue to provision customers just as before, but with our platform seamlessly sharing the provisioning data in real-time.

Cisco HCS Call Recording Wherever You Need It

CallCabinet’s compliance recording solution can be implemented to support Cisco HCS through either premises in two different ways. Our Cisco HCS integration can be deployed at the customer premises, independent of the service provider, or it can be implemented in the service provider’s data center.  

Partner-Hosted Cisco Webex Calling for BroadWorks

As one would expect, CallCabinet’s award-winning cloud recording platform is an excellent solution for maintaining compliance and QA through Cisco Webex for BroadWorks. Designed as a multi-tenant solution, our platform is able to compliantly capture calls from the Partner-Hosted cloud without the need for customer premise hardware.

With cloud-to-cloud integration, CallCabinet can record calls made through Webex Calling, running on partner-hosted BroadWorks. BroadWorks and Webex, cornerstones of Cisco’s UCaaS service delivery, offer cloud calling and collaboration for a wide range of businesses, large and small.

Financial services companies and other enterprises in highly regulated industries can now support hybrid working with a fully compliant, cloud-based solution.

Record Webex Calling for BroadWorks

Cisco partners hosting Webex Calling for BroadWorks can use Atmos to deliver compliant recording, QA tools and AI analytics to customers inside their multi-tenant operations. Our smooth, SaaS cloud recording platform easily scales to accommodate any size business that Cisco partners work with.

Compliant Webex Recording Anywhere

Remote agents are subject to the same compliance laws as your on-site agents. Your Cisco-connected, hybrid workforce can be recorded compliantly wherever they work. Capture all your Cisco conversations wherever the call takes place, however your services are hosted.

Are you a Telco, Carrier, Reseller or Service Provider?

Award-Winning Quality Management Tools

Cisco-based service providers, telcos, and carriers can open robust new revenue streams by offering CallCabinet’s award-winning features to their customers. With our solutions integrated into your Cisco network, you can flexibly offer your customers highly sought-after services regardless of the size or budget of the customer.

  • Multi-tier marketing environments
  • Multi-tenant operations
  • Master agents
  • Sub-agents
  • Direct sale support systems

Migrate All Voice Data To The Cloud

Cisco-based enterprises should enjoy every benefit of the cloud, even if it requires migrating legacy data to the cloud. CallCabinet can help.

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