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Cisco Call Recording, Quality Assurance, Analytics & AI Solutions

As a Cisco compatible partner, CallCabinet’s Award winning Atmos Cisco Call Recording Solution is certified by Cisco on all platforms to integrate seamlessly. Our solution brings interaction, compliance, quality assurance, agent evaluation, artificial intelligence and analytics resources to enterprises of any scale.

Supported Architecture

Atmos supports the following Cisco Call Recording methodologies.

Cisco CUCM Call Recording

Call Manager

Through Cisco Built In Bridge technology, Atmos can integrate with CUCM whether it’s on-premise or hosted.

Cisco HCS Recording

Cloud Recording

Atmos offers multiple methods of CISCO HCS Call Recording.  Our solution has been designed from the ground up to provide true cloud, multi-tenant solutions that are perfect for carriers and service providers.

Cisco CUBE Recording


Atmos fully supports Cisco Cube Technology and provides a self-provisioning and complete integration into Cisco’s SIPRec call recording.

Riogorously tested for Cisco compatibility, CallCabinet’s Atmos Cloud Call Recording and Quality Management Solutions are fully supported on All Cisco platforms.

Key Benefits


Atmos uses both uses on premises and flexible SaaS pricing, allowing SMBs and fortune 100 enterprises alike to adopt Atmos dynamically, scaling as needs grow. Designed for frictionless integration into Cisco environments.

Vast compliance

Atmos provides user conversation recording in full-time or on-demand with encrypted, 256-bit AES encryption, meeting or exceeding compliance laws (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, MIFID II, Dodd Frank and many more).

User experience

Atmos provides advanced features, enabling the end user to have the flexibility to capture agent screen interactions in sync with captured audio and offering optional enhancements such as quality assurance and artificial intelligence to add further insight from the interaction. Watch, Listen, Manage and Evaluate recorded interactions from all points of the customer journey.

Multi Tenant

Atmos multi-tenant call recording solution, allows carriers and partners to quickly and efficiently manage their client base. Our feature rich set of management tools, reports and API’s help reduce the requirements for additional support, processing and maintenance.


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Atmos Screenshots

Atmos For Cisco Features

Cisco Call Recording for any organization
Advanced and thorough speech to text and AI Analytics

Supports both hosted and on premises Cisco Systems
Cloud-Based Mobile Recording

Complete Agent Interaction Management
Meets GDPR, MIFID II, HIPAA, Dodd Frank & many other Compliance Regulations

Fully Customizable Reporting and Analytics
Supports CUCM, HCS and CUBE call recording methodologies

Synchronized Agent Screen and Audio Capture
Unlimited throughput and stability

PCI Compliance Masking
PCI Compliance Masking