The certified & compliant Microsoft Teams call recording solution

Built in the same Azure cloud as Microsoft Teams, CallCabinet offers the most comprehensive and seamless call recording solution for compliance, quality assurance, and business intelligence available. Period.

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The ideal teammate for Microsoft Teams

The original cloud-native call recording platform, CallCabinet works with the entire array of Teams-enabled devices, from mobile phones to desktop systems.

Every interaction is recorded compliantly according to your call flow and per user needs, and is immediately available for automated quality assurance (QA) and unlimited voice analytics.


Any Device, Any Time


Seamless Microsoft Teams app add-in controls

With CallCabinet’s app add-in for Microsoft Teams, there’s no need to jump between applications. Users can be granted pause, stop, restart and playback access as needed – all within Microsoft Teams.

Industry-Leading Video Recording and Screen Sharing

Industry-leading video recording and screen sharing

CallCabinet can capture multiple screens, delivering industry-leading video and audio recording at a granular level so you can get a more complete picture of Teams interactions.

Powerful Granular Security and Permission Options

Powerful granular security and permission options

CallCabinet accommodates different groups, departments or teams of individuals – allowing you to set granular permissions regarding what, who and when calls are recorded – down to the individual user level.

Aligned security features

Designed with compliance and security in mind, CallCabinet’s integration naturally provides the robust security features that most Microsoft Teams users require.

  • Active Directory Integration
  • IP address restrictions
  • Granular, user-based roles/permissions
  • Secure call sharing (Compliance Share)

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A necessary upgrade

Microsoft Teams has an onboard recording feature to record meetings that falls short of compliance with many regulations. CallCabinet’s MS Teams compliance recording solutions close all compliance gaps to keep your enterprise thoroughly protected.

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The world’s most complete enterprise recording solution

CallCabinet’s award-winning enterprise recording platform was designed for optimal compliance and versatility. No other platform rivals its ease of deployment or seamless integration with virtually every software system businesses use – not just Microsoft Teams.

Redundant, Resilient, and Secure

Redundant, resilient and secure

CallCabinet’s MS Teams call recording can be performed with one (N+1) or two (2N) independent capture points for a stunning degree of redundancy and resilience. Data is stored in the Azure cloud with military-grade 256-bit AES rotating encryption for optimal security.

Intelligent UC Recording

Intelligent UC recording

Our platform was built to record audio, video, and audio-synchronous screen captures, but our Microsoft Teams compliance recording integration goes even further. For example, the platform can intelligently break down video conferencing into individual files that remain synced to the audio timeline.

This means that even large group calls with more than 10 participants can be accurately and modularly recorded for compliance, quality assurance, dispute resolution, and auditing. Review the entire group session, or isolate and view each participant’s video feed individually. See and hear everything.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience

Deploying CallCabinet can provide your enterprise with far more than just Microsoft Teams compliance recording. Our AI-Driven voice analytics breaks down recorded audio into actionable structured data and even detects the sentiment behind spoken words.

This data can be ported into business intelligence platforms or coupled with recorded video to provide CX managers with a complete, multidimensional view of every call.

Get the complete picture of your essential customer interactions and gain key insights into customer perceptions, pain points, desired features, and more.

WATCH: Enabling compliance recording in Microsoft Teams

Rob Scott from UC Today news joins Ryan Kahan, CEO at CallCabinet, talking about the latest Microsoft Teams compliance recording challenges and what options enterprises have to choose from.

Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Not yet ready for the cloud?

No problem. If your enterprise utilizes on-premises call recording, CallCabinet can still deliver Microsoft Teams compliance.

Our recording solution is platform-agnostic, integrating seamlessly with virtually any network environment, including on-premise, carrier-hosted, and even Microsoft-hosted Cloud PBX deployments. So CallCabinet can support your Microsoft Teams integration no matter what your environment.

Make your move to the cloud

If your enterprise is bound to a legacy on-premise recording system, CallCabinet can help your business switch to our cloud-based platform by migrating all of your data to the cloud.