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From Cisco to Webex: The CallCabinet Story

CallCabinet | May 17, 2023
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Ever since Cisco introduced their unified communications and contact center platforms, CallCabinet was there to seamlessly integrate with each. Having now successfully completed their 7th product integration in the Cisco and Webex ecosystem – an incredible milestone in itself – CallCabinet allows businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals while using the same revolutionary CallCabinet call recording solutions.

Whether on-premise, hybrid or cloud, CallCabinet delivers future-proof compliance call recording, next-gen conversation analytics with custom business intelligence reporting, along with quality assurance automation tools. 

Reliable Solutions Partnership

Over time, CallCabinet has worked closely with Cisco to integrate our advanced recording solution across Cisco platforms. This integration journey began with complete Unified Communications Manager (UCM) integration and soon after a standalone Cisco Jabber call recording client that allowed users to access and record calls globally while meeting compliance requirements. Now, the continued collaboration has evolved further with the integration of CallCabinet’s cloud technology into Webex Calling, and most recently Webex Meetings. Throughout this process, CallCabinet and Cisco have grown together in their partnership.

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As more and more businesses transition from using older, on-premises systems for compliance recording to Cisco cloud-based solutions, CallCabinet has become an essential Saas solution for integrating and archiving both new and existing compliance recordings as usable voice data. While it’s becoming increasingly clear that the move to the cloud is necessary for most businesses, CallCabinet recognizes that some organizations may still require on-premises or hybrid solutions. For example, customers using Cisco UCCX/UCCE and HCS may require a bridge to digital transformation without the need for additional or temporary platforms. To address these needs, CallCabinet offers storage options that allow businesses to make the transition to the cloud at their own pace, without sacrificing compliance or functionality.

CallCabinet’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for businesses using a variety of communication platforms, including Cisco and Webex. Regardless of the platform mix, CallCabinet offers solutions that businesses around the world have come to trust, rely on, and appreciate for its convenience and ease of use. CallCabinet’s user interface is consistent across all unified communication platforms, which allows for a seamless experience for users. Additionally, CallCabinet’s solution offers true multi-tenancy, meaning that it can handle recording conversations at any volume, from low to high. This is backed by global support and data sovereignty, ensuring that businesses can trust that their data is secure and their compliance needs are met.

Secure And Resilient

CallCabinet is a highly secure and dependable solution, offering military-grade security, 2N resiliency, and data redundancy as standard features. Thanks to these measures, CallCabinet boasts an impressive uptime of 99.999%, which makes it one of the most consistently reliable and dependable solutions available in the market today.

Rich Recording Features

The depth of CallCabinet’s rich call recording features is due to its extensive track record in the world’s most heavily regulated industries, and being effectively deployed in mixed communications platform environments. 

Features include:

  • High-quality recording
  • Emotional and sentiment analysis
  • Customizable retention policies
  • Configurable reporting
  • Search and retrieval
  • Keyword and key phrase tagging
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting

Proven Track Record

Since 2018, CallCabinet has been a highly regarded Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner. As a SolutionsPlus and Preferred Solution Partner program member, its services are available on Cisco’s Global Price List (CCW). 

Complete Data Migration

To top it all off, CallCabinet offers a unique data migration service to businesses that need to have their legacy or proprietary recording data moved to the CallCabinet cloud where it can be analyzed to produce crucial insights otherwise never revealed. 

Advance Your Business Success

CallCabinet is a major player in the call recording industry that looks to advance business success for both customers and partners alike. With its architecture purposefully designed to accommodate planned and unplanned market demands, CallCabinet is continuously revolutionizing the industry with its unparalleled and innovative capabilities.

See CallCabinet in Action

Schedule a demo today and see for yourself how CallCabinet can help you transform your conversation data into actionable business intelligence. 

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