Granular Search Features

CallCabinet’s granular search features are available throughout the entire conversation analytics interface, enabling managers to monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams with precision. Take a look at the breakdown of key components and functionalities displayed in the provided screenshot.

Granular Search Features<br />

Key Features and Benefits

Date Range

Allows users to select the timeframe for the data displayed on the dashboard.

Site Name, Team Name, Team Member, Call Direction

Dropdown menus to filter data based on specific sites, teams, individual team members, and the direction of calls (incoming or outgoing).

Caller Sentiment

A slider to filter calls based on the sentiment of the caller, ranging from -50% to 100%.


Adjust the slider to filter calls based on the percentage of silence during the call.


Filter calls based on the percentage of overtalk during the call.

Audio Duration

Change the filtered view of calls based on the duration of the call audio.

Additional DrillDown Capabilities

With a quick right-click, each of the panels in the interface delivers additional drill-down capabilities within the panel, making it simple to accurately identify any given occurrence.

Performance Graph Panel: Displays call trends over time with an adjustable focus for specific dates and data points.

Active Team Members and Engagements at Risk Panel: Shows the number of active team members and the number of engagements identified as being at risk.

Your Key Metrics Panel

  • Calls Handled: Total number of calls managed.
  • Average Duration: The average length of calls.
  • Short Calls: The number of calls considered short.

Call Direction Panel: Pie chart illustrating the distribution between incoming and outgoing calls.

Team Performance Table: Detailed table lists various metrics for each team member, including audio duration, silence, overtalk, caller sentiment, agent sentiment, and team sentiment.

Team Name Panel: Bar chart showing the number of calls handled by each team, aiding in comparative performance analysis.

The CallCabinet conversation analytics interface allows call center managers to quickly assess overall performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure quality customer interactions. The filtering options make it fast and easy to drill down into specific data points and gain deeper insights into team and individual performance.

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