Automated QA and Call Scoring

Leverage the power of CallCabinet’s Automated Quality Assurance and Call Scoring to boost your team’s performance and enhance customer interactions. Our solution offers an in-depth look at key metrics, enabling businesses to maintain high service standards and continuously improve their operations.

Team Member Performance Overview Dashboard

Key Components and Benefits

Automated QA Scorecard

Section Scores: Each section (Greeting, Verification, Opportunities, Closing) is scored based on specific questions. This breakdown helps identify precise areas where team members excel or need improvement.

  • Greeting: Evaluate if team members followed proper greeting protocols.
  • Verification: Check if team members asked required verification questions and identify those missed by which individual.
  • Opportunities: Assess if opportunities during a call were identified and qualified.
  • Closing: Measure the effectiveness and professionalism of call closure.
  • Total Score: Overall performance score, indicating the general quality of interactions.

Total Score by Team Member

A bar graph displaying the performance scores of individual team members provides the visual comparison that helps managers quickly identify top performers and those who might need additional support or training.

Caller Sentiment

Reflects the overall sentiment of the callers based on the interaction analysis. A higher sentiment score indicates positive customer experiences, whereas a lower score suggests areas needing attention.

Question Hit Detected

A pie chart shows the percentage of questions successfully addressed (22% hit) versus those missed (78%). This metric highlights specific areas where team members might need additional training or resources.

Caller Sentiment Bins

Categorization of caller sentiment into different bins provides a detailed breakdown of the range of sentiment expressed by customers. This helps in understanding the distribution of positive and negative experiences.

Team Member Performance

Displays the volume of calls handled, average call duration, and the number of short calls. These metrics provide an overview of each team member’s workload and efficiency.

  • Calls Handled: Total number of calls managed by the team member.
  • Words per Minute: Average speaking rate, ensuring clear and effective communication.

Doing Well vs. Needs Improvement

  • Doing Well: Lists questions where team members performed well, such as identifying the risk profile and closing the call professionally.
  • Needs Improvement: Highlights areas where team members need to improve, such as requesting the date of birth and insurance number.

Benefits of CallCabinet’s Automated QA and Call Scoring

Enhanced Service Quality: Consistent evaluation of calls against predefined criteria ensuring high service standards and identifying areas for improvement, leading to better customer experiences.

Operational Efficiency: Insights from call metrics such as average duration and call volume help with resource planning and optimizing operational efficiency.

Improved Agent Performance: Detailed performance metrics and individual scores help recognize top performers and pinpoint agents that require additional training or support.

Actionable Insights: Comprehensive analytics transform interaction data into actionable insights, drive informed decision-making and strategic improvements.

Compliance Assurance: Regular monitoring of key verification questions and legal mentions ensuring compliance with industry standards and reducing the risk of legal issues.

Customer Satisfaction: By focusing on caller sentiment and identifying specific areas needing improvement, businesses can implement targeted strategies to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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