Detailed Interaction Analysis

CallCabinet’s detailed interaction analysis dashboard showcases various metrics related to call interactions, call quality assurance, and analytics. This feature-rich dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of communication data, offering valuable insights for businesses to enhance their customer service and operational efficiency.

Detailed Interaction Analysis

Key Components and Benefits

Words per Minute, Silence, and Overtalk

  • Words per Minute: Indicates the average speaking rate during interactions. Monitoring this helps ensure that team members are communicating at a pace that is comfortable for customers.
  • Silence: Shows the percentage of silence during calls. High silence rates can indicate issues such as lengthy hold times or inefficiencies in conversation flow.
  • Overtalk: Measures instances where participants talk over each other. High overtalk percentages can suggest communication breakdowns and areas for improving conversational etiquette.

Short Calls Graph

Tracks the number of short calls over the last seven days. A high number of short calls might indicate unresolved issues or potential dissatisfaction that requires further investigation.

Interactions by Date

Provides a timeline of interactions, showing trends and patterns over time. This helps in identifying peak periods, planning resource allocation, and analyzing the impact of campaigns or changes in service.

Distinct Callers Graph

Displays the number of unique callers within a specified period. Monitoring distinct callers helps in understanding customer engagement and reach.

Most Detected Topics

Highlights the most frequently discussed topics during calls. For example, “Privacy Compliance” being the most detected topic suggests a significant concern among callers, indicating areas where further training or information dissemination might be needed.

Caller Sentiment (8%)

Reflects the overall sentiment of callers, as determined by AI-driven analysis. A low sentiment percentage may signal dissatisfaction and the need for strategic improvements in service delivery.

Latest Interactions

Lists recent interactions along with details like date, time, duration, and the team member involved. This is useful for quick reference and follow-up on recent calls, ensuring timely responses and issue resolution.

Call Volume by Audio Duration

Shows the distribution of call durations. Understanding the call length distribution helps in identifying patterns such as frequent short calls or unusually long calls, which could indicate specific issues needing attention.

Benefits of CallCabinet’s Detailed Interaction Analysis

Operational Efficiency: Monitoring interaction trends and call durations helps in resource planning and identifying inefficiencies, leading to more streamlined operations.

Enhanced Customer Service: By analyzing metrics such as words per minute, silence, and overtalk, businesses can train team members to communicate more effectively, improving customer satisfaction.

Post-Call Insights: The ability to view the latest interactions and overall sentiment in near real-time allows for immediate action on pressing issues, enhancing responsiveness and service quality.

Improved Compliance and Training: The most detected topics and caller sentiment provide insights into areas where team members might need additional training, especially on compliance-related matters.

Data-Driven Decisions: Detailed analytics and reporting provide the foundation for informed decision-making, enabling businesses to proactively address challenges and optimize performance.

As part of CallCabinet’s Conversation Analytics packages, CallCabinet’s Detailed Interaction Analysis dashboard equips businesses with the tools and insights necessary to continuously improve communication strategies, ensure compliance, and enhance overall customer experience. This comprehensive approach to interaction analysis supports both short-term troubleshooting and long-term strategic planning.

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