Let Your Conversation Data Accelerate Your Business

Take advantage of CallCabinet’s Advanced Analytics with strategically curated business intelligence dashboards that ensure precise decision-making across diverse industries. Deep machine learning and next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) work in real-time to produce unparalleled business intelligence spanning multiple communication channels and any unified communications (UC) platform.

AI-driven Analysis of Multiple Data Sources

Voice, Email, Chat and Social Media are analyzed by powerful artificial intelligence (AI) with deep machine learning capabilities. From sentiment and emotion to keyword analysis and historical trends, it’s all at your fingertips.

Automated Quality Assurance and Call Scoring

Save countless manual review hours with automated quality assurance (QA) and call scoring. Proactively improve processes, agent coaching, and identify areas of revenue leakage which when closed, aid in increased revenue.


Multilingual Transcription

Real-world business conversations often rely on more than one language to interact with customers globally. CallCabinet offers pairing of English and Spanish, English, French and more, for multinational businesses that need accurate data that accommodates specific operational transcription requirements.

Automated Email Summary Reports and Notifications

Set thresholds or triggers and have reports and notifications automatically sent to supervisors, managers, and executive decision-makers.

Monthly Consultation with a Dedicated CallCabinet Data Scientist

Ensure your business intelligence stays ahead of the game by regularly aligning your business metrics for optimal performance.

Comprehensive, Customizable Dashboards

Customizable and prebuilt business intelligence dashboards provide deep strategic data driven insights held within your captured conversation data.The insights revealed propell immediate decisions from real-time reporting specific to your business. A selection of dashboards are available in templated or fully bespoke formats, which can be customized to your business requirements.

  • Automated QA: Normalized scorecards, call details with access to call recording playback, transcriptions and manual QA or KPI dashboards built on points-based scoring, customer-specific metrics, and weightings.
  • Sales Intelligence: Sales agent performance, conversion rate tracking, competitive intelligence, product requirements, key metric monitoring, identification of champion sales agents and the techniques used.
  • Collections Intelligence: Collections agent performance, key metric monitoring such as Promise to Pay (PTP), Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) and Right Party Contact (RPC), identification of champion collections agents and techniques used.
  • Churn Intelligence: Identification of potential risk of churn or customer attrition, disgruntled customers, and monitoring of client and agent emotion.
  • Risk Intelligence: Every business is unique with specific aspects of risk that need to be quickly identified.For example, identification of customer churn/attrition, employee attrition, fraud detection, insider trading, market abuse, corporate alerts, personal gain, legal risk, anti-money laundering, bribes, complaints, etc.
  • Customer Service Intelligence: Key metrics are monitored and reported in dashboards, such as Customer Journey, Repeat Callers, Negative Customer Emotion/Sentiment, Positive Customer Emotion/Sentiment, Escalations, Professionalism, Threat of Customer Cancellation, etc.
      Note: Employee stress/burnout level dashboards can be provided, allowing companies to protect their investments in staff, improve working conditions and increase Customer Experience by ensuring happy, fresh, knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient interactions at all times.
  • Historical Trend Analysis: Predictive and prescriptive analytics can be built to provide detailed information on past and predicted (forecasted) trending based on historical data. These prescriptive
    analytics provide recommended actions dependent on the results.

Included with all CallCabinet products!

CallCabinet’s revolutionary compliant call recording solutions come standard with military-grade security, data sovereignty, multi-tenancy, data resilience, data redundancy, unlimited storage, global support, and much more.

CallCabinet Product Comparison

Solution Attributes Core Recording License Advanced Recording License Standard Analytics License Advanced Analytics License
Compliant Call Recording
Advanced Playback & Tagging
Unlimited Admin Licenses
Unlimited Audio Storage
Customizable Retention Policies
Compliant Call Sharing
Legal Hold
Call Reporting Dashboard
Screen Capture and/or Video Recording  
Manual PCI DSS Redaction  
QA & Agent Evaluation Tools  
Unlimited Quality Assurance (QA) Licenses  
API Support  
Automated PCI Redaction    
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis    
Detailed Voice Analysis    
Business Intelligence Dashboards included:  Overview, Risk & Compliance, Agent Performance, Call Classification, and Customer Experience    
Business Intelligence Dashboards included: Automated QA, Sales Intelligence, Collections Intelligence, Churn Intelligence, Risk Customer Service Intelligence, and Historical Trend Analysis      
AI data analysis of multiple data sources (Email, Chat, and Social Media)      
Multi-Language Transcription      
Automated email summary reports and notifications      
Monthly consultation with dedicated CallCabinet data scientist      
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Use All Recording Data

Outdated recording platforms? No way to fully utilize that data? CallCabinet can jailbreak your conversation data and compliantly migrate it to the CallCabinet cloud, consolidating all recording for easy sharing, searching and analyzing.


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