Screen and Video Recording

CallCabinet’s call recording and analytics user interface demonstrates detailed screen and video call playback and analysis features. Below is a detailed breakdown of the various elements and the key benefits they offer:

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Key Features and Benefits

Assigned To Section

Name and Contact Information: Displays the name, extension, email, and group of the team member assigned to the call.

Personal Call Checkbox: Option to mark the call as personal, which is useful for categorizing and filtering calls accordingly.

Call Info Section

Meeting Participants: Lists the names of individuals involved in the call.

Caller ID: Indicates if the caller ID was anonymous.

Start Time and Duration: This shows the exact start time and total duration of the call.

Direction: Specifies whether the call was outgoing or incoming.

Access Log: Provides a log entry with the type of access and by whom -in this case, system access on a specific date and time.

Call Playback Section

Playback Controls: Includes options to play, pause, and adjust the playback speed (1x, 2x) for efficient review of call recordings.

Waveform Visualization: Displays the audio waveform of the call, allowing users to visually identify different parts of the conversation and pinpoint specific moments for closer analysis.

Speaker Identification: Indicates changes in speakers throughout the call, with visual markers to denote who is speaking at any given time.

Single Notes and Notes Over Time: Provides options to add notes at specific points or over the duration of the call, facilitating detailed annotation and review.

Screenshots: Offers the capability to take and view screenshots during the call, which is essential for visual context and reference.

Participants and Screen Share

Participant Thumbnails: Displays thumbnail images of the participants along with screen share thumbnails. This helps in identifying who is speaking and when, and to view shared content during the call.

Machine Transcription

Transcription Search: An option to search the machine transcription of the call, which enables quick access to specific parts of the conversation based on keywords or phrases.

Key Benefits of Screen and Video Recording

Enhanced Call Review and Analysis: The visual waveform and speaker identification features make it easy to navigate through the call and focus on specific parts of the conversation. This is particularly useful for quality assurance and training purposes.

Efficient Access and Compliance: The access log ensures that any interactions with the call recordings are documented, supporting compliance with regulations and internal policies.

Detailed Annotation and Documentation: The ability to add single notes and notes over time allows users to document important points, decisions, and action items discussed during the call. This helps in maintaining accurate records and follow-ups.

Searchable Transcriptions: The searchable machine transcription feature enhances efficiency by allowing users to quickly locate specific topics or discussions within the call without having to listen to the entire recording.

Participant and Content Visualization: Thumbnail images of participants and shared screens provide visual context, making it easier to understand the flow of the meeting and the roles of different participants.

Overall, these features collectively enhance the usability, compliance, and efficiency of managing and analyzing recorded calls within any unified communications platform, providing valuable insights and ensuring that all communications are effectively monitored and documented.

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