Team Member Analysis

CallCabinet offers a detailed dashboard for monitoring and analyzing the performance of team members handling calls. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key elements and the benefits they offer:

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Key Features and Benefits

Calls Handled by Team Members

Line Graph: This graph shows the number of calls handled by team members over time as selected by the user. The red markers indicate significant events or outliers.

Benefit: Helps in identifying trends, peak call times, and performance fluctuations over time, facilitating better resource allocation and training efforts.

Performance Metrics

Words per Minute: Measures the average speed of speech during calls.

Silence: Indicates the percentage of time spent in silence during calls.

Overtalk: Shows the percentage of time during which multiple participants are speaking simultaneously.

Benefit: These metrics are crucial for assessing communication efficiency, identifying areas for improvement in team member performance, and ensuring optimal call quality.

Best and Worst Traits

Best Trait: “Was the preferred corporate greeting used?” indicates strong adherence to greeting protocols.

Worst Trait: “Did the Team Member ask the client to complete a…” suggests an area where team members need improvement.

Benefit: Highlighting the best and worst traits helps in pinpointing specific training needs and recognizing successful practices.

Legal Mention

Most Common Risk: Identifies frequently mentioned legal terms or issues during calls.

Benefit: Ensures compliance with legal requirements and helps in managing risks related to regulatory standards.

Overall Call Statistics

Total Calls Handled: Total number of calls managed within the specified period.

Average Duration: Average length of calls.

Short Calls: Number of calls that were shorter than a typical duration.

Benefit: Provides a comprehensive overview of call volume and duration, aiding in performance evaluation and operational planning.

Team Member Sentiment and Negative Engagements

Team Member Sentiment: Reflects the overall sentiment of team members during calls.

Negative Engagements: Percentage of calls with negative customer interactions.

Benefit: Monitoring sentiment and engagement levels help identify morale issues and improve customer service quality.

Hourly Call Distribution

Bar and Line Graph: Shows the distribution of calls and corresponding team member sentiment by the hour of the day.

Benefit: Helps identify peak call times and schedule shifts to ensure adequate coverage and maintain team morale.

Calls Handled by Team Members

Bar Chart: Lists team members and the number of calls they handled.

Benefit: Facilitates performance comparison among team members, identifying top performers and those needing additional support or training.

Key Benefits

Performance Monitoring: Detailed metrics and graphs enable supervisors to effectively track and evaluate individual and team performance.

Compliance and Risk Management: Monitoring legal mentions ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, reducing potential risks.

Training and Development: Identifying best and worst traits helps tailor training programs to address specific weaknesses and reinforce successful behaviors.

Customer Service Improvement: Sentiment analysis and tracking negative engagements provide actionable insights for improving customer interactions and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency: Insights into call volume, duration, and hourly distribution assist in optimizing scheduling and resource allocation.

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