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Atmos skype for business call recording. Compliance and quality management recording at an affordable, monthly price.

No Capital Investment. No Equipment.
Just Peace of Mind when speaking with your customers, knowing that your
conversations are saved & secure!


Atmos is our hosted call recording and quality management platform, designed with Skype for Business Call Recording in mind. With Atmos, customers can easily subscribe and manage their recordings right from our web portal, making easy to search, review and evaluate both voice and screen recordings. Atmos is very affordable, requiring no initial investment and low monthly service costs that make it easy to deploy throughout your organization.

We offer three types of Skype for Business integration, depending upon the size of your company and the type of Skype for Business deployment you have. Whether it’s a hosted Office365, private cloud Skype for Business or on-premise deployment, Atmos can serve all of your needs. Atmos is capable of recording all types of Skype for Business calls including external, remote users, cloud users, mobile users, conference calls, federated users, as well as regular Skype calls!

No matter how your network is configured, the Atmos Skype for Business Call Recording solutions will fit your needs!

Regulatory legislation requires that some companies who provide services or financial transactions over the phone, to record conversations. With Skype for Business or Office365 this can lead to costly in-house recording systems that have a fixed configuration and require a significant up front investment. Atmos eliminates this by offering secure, encrypted recordings that are stored and accessed from the cloud, making it easy to meet regulatory compliance laws throughout your organization at a fraction of what it costs for an in-house system.

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    using our award winning technology

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    to meet global compliance

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Store

    in a network of global data centers

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Retrieve, Atmos, callcabinet

    with our secure user interface

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Evaluate, Call-Cabinet-encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    & easily monitor your employees

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Evaluate, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    & analyze with reports & analytics


Have a Contact Center? No problem with Atmos and Atmos PLUS! Our products work with any Skype for Business Contact Center, recording calls directly from within the Skype for Business network.

Atmos provides you with the same secure, encrypted recordings, while Atmos PLUS offers a comprehensive Quality Assurance and Agent Evaluation option that allows supervisors to review conversations and evaluate their teams. Atmos PLUS also has an option to record Agent’s screens and synch them with the recorded conversations for a wider view of the customer experience.

During playback, the Supervisor can review both the call and the screen recordings simultaneously.

Need compliance as part of the Contact Center? We have you covered with the ATMOS PLUS Compliance Client.

Our Compliance Client redacts compliance specific information including both voice and screen recording sections during a call to protect the caller’s sensitive or financial information. During playback, no caller compliance information is passed to the supervisor, thus meeting all PCI, HIPAA and other Compliance Regulations.

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  • No Upfront CostsNo Upfront Costs
  • Never Run out of StorageNever Run out of Storage – Unlimited Storage
  • Support for Office365Support for Office365 or Premise Based Skype for Business
  • Supports All Skype for BusinessSupports All Skype for Business Call Scenarios – Internal, External, Remote Users, Federated Users, Conference Calls, Skype Calls
  • Low Cost - No HardwareLow Cost – No Hardware or CAPEX Costs
  • Flexibility - Scale Up or DownFlexibility – Scale Up or Down as needed, as often as you like
  • Reliable - Meets 99.999% UptimeReliable – Meets 99.999% Uptime Standards

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  • Call and Communication Recording
  • Workforce Optimization and Agent Evaluation
  • Key Performance Metrics and Reporting
  • Compliance Module (Redacting PCI, HIPAA and other Compliance Information)
  • Full System Deployed in Hours, not days or weeks

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Atmos Screenshot Call Listing
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Atmos Screenshot Quality Assurance

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