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CallCabinet Releases Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration

Jessica Kruger | May 19, 2020

CallCabinet is pleased to announce that CallCabinet now integrates directly into Microsoft Teams. This integration offers CallCabinet, our Microsoft Azure-based compliance call recording, along with our voice analytics features for Microsoft Teams users. We’ve put considerable development into this integration so that CallCabinet can record Microsoft Teams’ desktop phones as well as all desktop and mobile platforms. 

At this time, CallCabinet is the only cloud-native compliance recording platform directly integrated into Microsoft Teams. And because CallCabinet is Cloud-based, it records Microsoft Teams conversations with no on-device software or on-premise hardware. 

Compliance Follows The Agent

Globally, Microsoft Teams is already an indispensable business tool with its ease of collaboration on a multitude of devices. The current push towards a mobile and remote workforce has only made the world more reliant on Microsoft Teams. At CallCabinet, we feel that compliance and QA have to follow the agent and customer, wherever they’re speaking and on whatever device they’re using. Microsoft Teams enables the conversation anywhere and CallCabinet is there to keep compliance on track.

Why Direct Integration Into Microsoft Teams Matters

Based on feedback we were receiving from our customers, we worked to make CallCabinet operate natively inside the Microsoft Teams platform. Our direct integration eliminates the need for extra software and hardware. So often, it is the additional components that make a solution fail to install or operate reliably. Where we’ve landed is a turn-key compliance solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams in hours

Our Relationship with Microsoft

The use of Microsoft’s Teams APIs has been extremely helpful during our integration development process.  By signing the Microsoft Certification and License Agreement, CallCabinet has prioritized our certification process and opened our integration up to our customer base. At this time, CallCabinet is the only native cloud-based compliance recording platform for Microsoft Teams. Since Microsoft Teams is Azure-based, CallCabinet’s integration is efficient. The same flexible scalability that CallCabinet has always provided by using our Azure network is now available to Microsoft Teams customers. Carriers and service providers still easily manage provisioning, billing, and administration through the CallCabinet portal.

Compliance Call Recording is Business-Critical

Businesses globally are pivoting to a remote workforce, and reliance on the Microsoft Teams platform has exploded. It’s thought that even when the current conditions change, a significant percentage of the workforce will remain remote. It’s clear that regulatory practices can’t be tethered to the office but must follow the workforce wherever they are. CallCabinet already delivers powerful remote compliance, and our Microsoft Teams integration is a massive milestone in changing compliance from locational to individual.

Security, as an issue, has moved to the forefront with the remote workforce. Every company needs to take the security of their remote customer data very seriously. When your data resides at a brick-and-mortar location, you need security for that one location. When your data is spread out across the homes of your workforce, you need security for many locations. But, when you store all critical data in the Cloud, you only need to make sure your workforce uses the communication network you’ve provided. Microsoft Teams easily rolls out to your workforce, and CallCabinet can directly record their customer interactions within the Teams environment.

Click here to read the Microsoft Teams press release.

If you’d like to know more about our CallCabinet integration for Microsoft Teams, reach out to us today

Brian Gocher
Brian is a freelance technology writer and media editor based out of Central New Jersey. He’s logged 20 years of experience in the Telecom industry and side-hustles in the record industry. Brian started his career in technology at a company that made analog modems. He migrated to a marketing career in the call recording industry where he learned exactly how and why calls are monitored for quality assurance. These days Brian fuses his skills together to deliver his researched observations about telephony and compliance laws in polished articles and videos. He’s also composed the music for a long list of big Hollywood trailers. He does not miss the sound of analog modems but he is endlessly fascinated with phones.

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