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CallCabinet: Ensuring Call Compliance for Microsoft Teams

CallCabinet | June 18, 2024

Effective communication is key to business success. As organizations increasingly rely on collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams to connect their organization, ensuring conversation data compliance with regulatory mandates becomes critical.

Enter CallCabinet, a leader in compliant call recording solutions, offering unique integration features with Microsoft Teams that deliver holistic business intelligence across departments. Let’s delve into what makes CallCabinet’s integration with Teams so exceptional:

Built-in API for Seamless Integration

Built in the same Azure fabric as Microsoft Teams, CallCabinet offers an integrated API for auto-provisioning, making it effortless to incorporate our solution into existing systems. With instant activation, compliance becomes accessible within minutes, allowing organizations to start recording calls effortlessly and without delay. Our autoprovision installer tool eliminates the need for complex setup processes, ensuring a simple, fast, and low-touch integration experience for users.

The pace at which businesses operate today means businesses can’t afford to wait for months to get results. Simple and fast to deploy means less time and resources lost when getting up and running. There is no requirement for a large team to be tied up on a CallCabinet deployment project, and no waiting for weeks/months to get going.

Support for Teams Phone Mobile Recording

CallCabinet offers robust support for Teams Phone Mobile Recording, providing users with a unified experience across all devices. As mobile communication continues to grow in importance, CallCabinet ensures compliance regardless of the device or location, empowering businesses to stay connected securely, and seamlessly adapt to evolving communication trends.

The Microsoft Teams mobile app with CallCabinet compliant call recording

With more and more employees being remote and relying on mobile phones to get the job done, it is a daunting challenge to ensure regulatory and company policy compliance during every customer conversation. With CallCabinet seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, including Teams Phone and Teams Mobile, employees are empowered to do business as usual without compromising compliance.

Robust Security and Recording Permissions

Gain total control over call recording settings, allowing you to define policy parameters for every type of call scenario with unparalleled granularity. From internal conversations to external meetings, customize recording settings to align with your organization’s specific needs and compliance requirements.

CallCabinet granular and customizable policy settings for Microsoft Teams

Not all businesses need to record all calls. Some only need to record outgoing internal calls but not incoming ones. Some want to capture external meetings but not internal chats. CallCabinet’s granular control, coupled with user-based permissions and customizable policy settings, gives your business a true level of flexibility on how you prefer to manage and access your data.

Simultaneous Recording of Multiple Video Streams

Capture up to 9 video streams simultaneously, allowing for a detailed breakdown of video conferences into individual files. Whether it’s a small group discussion or a large-scale meeting, CallCabinet’s solution offers scalability, ensuring accurate and modular recording regardless of the participant count. Having the ability to record simultaneous video streams and breaking these down translates to clear, separately identifiable recordings perfect for compliance, quality assurance, dispute resolution, and auditing.

CallCabinet call details dashboard with video and audio recording

Large group calls containing members of multiple departments are common. But let’s say a part of the team on the call consists of sales trainees, who do attend yet still need constructive training and feedback on how to successfully navigate the group calls. With CallCabinet, team leads can pick the recordings they need, isolate specific moments in the conversation, and hone in on what went well or where improvement is warranted.

Utilizing Detailed Metadata from Microsoft Teams

By harnessing the rich data provided by Teams, CallCabinet’s enhanced analysis capabilities deliver deeper insights for informed decision-making. With access to detailed metadata, businesses can monitor compliance effectively, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies.

CallCabinet analytics details using captured conversation metadata

Most call recording solutions do not take advantage of Microsoft Teams’ rich metadata. CallCabinet does. With the metadata captured along every recording, your business gains more accurate data capturing, allowing more specific analysis and more valuable business insights. By harnessing the full metadata, CallCabinet enables you to drill down for root cause analysis, identify trends and patterns, and enriches your data-driven decision-making.

Capture Every Communication Channel

Experience versatility and flexibility with CallCabinet’s comprehensive recording capabilities across audio, video, screen sharing, text, and social interactions, across all devices and platforms. Whether it’s a traditional PBX or a Teams-enabled device, CallCabinet seamlessly captures every conversation, ensuring compliance anytime, anywhere

CallCabinet call recording dashboard with audio, video and screen conversation data

Servicing customers through multiple channels – phone calls, video calls, emails, and chats often causes fragmented or siloed customer and operational intelligence.  Having a solution that can handle all channels means the company benefits from a single pane of glass view into every captured conversation, enabling accurate, data-driven decision-making. Leveraging AI-driven analytics on omnichannel data helps to understand customer needs better and thus improve agent conversations and provide improved service. Resulting in happier customers and a more satisfied workforce with lower turnover.

Native Microsoft Teams App Integration

Experience a user-friendly recording experience with CallCabinet’s seamless integration with the Microsoft Teams app. Enjoy seamless functionality that enables users to manage call recording features—including call control, tagging, and playback—all from a single interface within Teams.

CallCabinet compliant call recording app for Microsoft Teams

It’s difficult to cater to individual call recording needs with only a central recording solution installed into the environment and typically maintained by the IT department. Being able to access and manage your recordings directly from the Teams app while using any type of phone, empowers a truly hybrid work environment with built-in compliance. Just as Microsoft Teams unifies communications across your enterprise, CallCabinet unifies compliant recording.


CallCabinet’s integration with Microsoft Teams offers unparalleled expanded compliance capabilities, empowering businesses to communicate confidently while meeting regulatory requirements. With its seamless integration, robust security features, and comprehensive policy settings capabilities, CallCabinet ensures that compliance is not just a checkbox but a seamless part of everyday operations. With CallCabinet your business can not only embrace the future but future-proof conversation data compliance.

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