CallCabinet Enhances Microsoft Teams Video Recording Capabilities

CallCabinet | February 21, 2022

CallCabinet has been updated to capture multiple video streams, screen and application sharing from MS Teams. 

Video calls have never been easier than with Microsoft Teams, and as Teams video conferences become more and more frequent, the need to compliantly record video has become a front-and-center concern of Teams-driven call centers.

CallCabinet already delivers impactful enhancements to MS Teams recordings through its unique set of QA and analytics tools, but the latest update CallCabinet has undergone provides a critical component to MS Teams compliance: the ability to capture multiple streams, application sharing and agent screens compliantly.

Administrators can use CallCabinet as a single interface to manage Teams recordings captured from any Teams agent, remote or on-site. CallCabinet simultaneously captures up to nine of the most active video recording targets, the maximum available through MS Teams. 

Fully Reproduce Your Microsoft Teams Video Calls

We’ve designed notable changes to the CallCabinet interface to accommodate the new functionality. CallCabinet now unlocks a complete 360-degree view of Microsoft Teams video interactions. All Teams audio, video and application screen sharing is available for simultaneous playback within CallCabinet, which provides supervisors, compliance officers and quality managers with immense power to extract actionable intelligence from every Teams recording. 

CallCabinet dynamically manages multiple streams to display different participants as their meeting activity fluctuates. This dynamic handling is incredibly impactful for online collaboration and learning sessions, especially upon playback. The real-world application possibilities are endless, from government and community meetings, education, corporate collaboration to broadcast streaming. If Teams can host it, CallCabinet can help you extract insights from it. 

Isolate the data you want from your Teams Calls

Recorded Teams video interactions can be parsed on playback to isolate specific recorded video streams without affecting the recording. Our early adopters have already experienced the enhanced features of the new version of CallCabinet, and our customer base is enthusiastic to take advantage of these benefits as soon as possible 

Azure Security for Microsoft Teams Recordings

CallCabinet is built for more than Analytics and QA, it’s engineered for compliance and security, and when it comes to Microsoft Teams, your data couldn’t be more secure. Your Teams video calls occur in the Microsoft Azure fabric, the same place CallCabinet captures and stores them. Azure is proven to be one of the most secure cloud systems available around the globe, and CallCabinet adds to your safety with its military-grade 256-bit encryption for every Teams recording. 

As a Microsoft-certified partner, we at CallCabinet are excited to continue to develop enhanced value to our clients to ensure they benefit from their CallCabinet and Teams integration. If you’re interested in extracting powerful analytical insights from your Teams interactions, reach out to us today at

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