CallCabinet integrates with Zoom taking call recording and analytics to the next level.

CallCabinet | May 18, 2023

As businesses continue to adapt and embrace unified communications (UC) workflows, the demand for UC platform compliance has experienced rapid growth. In the case of widely adopted UC platforms, such as Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone, the need for compliance call recording and conversation analytics has surged significantly. To meet this rising demand, the App Marketplace now offers CallCabinet Compliant Recording & Analytics specifically designed for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.

For the most part, the UC digital transformation has been a tremendous benefit to companies, with reported operating cost savings of up to 50%, and about 75% of workers reporting an increase in productivity driven by their UC platform. Companies across all industries are discovering the value of UC, as well as the goldmine of business intelligence locked within conversation data sources. 

UC platform compliance

The demand for UC platform compliance is particularly crucial in heavily regulated industries, where businesses must navigate a complex landscape of both government and industry regulations to ensure smooth operations and avoiding heavy fines. Adding to this challenge, businesses often operate in multiple markets, exposing them to various regulatory environments, further emphasizing the importance of compliance.

Enabling digital transformation

CallCabinet’s reputation and proven track record within the most heavily-regulated industries will help support Zoom users’ regulatory compliance recording and archiving needs. 

With the combination of CallCabinet’s remarkable platform features, including AI-driven conversation analytics, customizable dashboard reporting, and quality assurance (QA) tools, every business conversation now becomes an invaluable resource, tapping into a previously untapped wealth of crucial business intelligence.

“Helping our customers unlock the business-critical intelligence from their conversation data is an important objective for CallCabinet,” said Ryan Kahan, CallCabinet CEO. “Our global network of partners recognized the importance of enhancing the review and management of every recording from within a single platform, regardless of the UC environment. For CallCabinet’s partner network, this creates a massive opportunity to deliver enhanced compliance archiving and AI-driven conversation analytics insights to millions of Zoom users worldwide.”  

CallCabinet is future-proof, allowing businesses to adopt a cloud-based SaaS solution that is constantly updated and requires zero maintenance – translating into massive cost savings and increased operational efficiency. The real business value, of course, is seen in improved business agility in today’s volatile conditions, as well as enhanced customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and much more.  

As businesses transform the way they operate and open new realms of possibility, CallCabinet’s revolutionary call recording solutions are set to play a decisive role in shaping how the market develops. Read the full press release here.

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