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CallCabinet Partner Portal: Boosts Revenue 4 Ways

Jessica Kruger | June 22, 2023
CallCabinet, the pioneer of compliant, cloud-native call recording, conversation analytics, and QA solutions, fully embraces the importance of a strong partner network. In today’s competitive landscape, having the right tools and resources can make all the difference in winning and retaining customers. That’s why we have introduced the new CallCabinet Partner Portal, designed to enable our global partner community to work smarter, faster, and more competitively. 

In this article, we explore the 4 key benefits of our Partner Portal and how it will help channel partners achieve greater success at an accelerated pace.

Co-Branding and Marketing Support: 

The portal’s sales and marketing materials assist partners in effectively identifying the CallCabinet solution that best suits their customers’ business needs. Plus, capture customer mindshare with an exceptionally curated asset repository of our latest sales enablement assets, from meticulously crafted brochures highlighting the unique features of our solutions to informative infographics tailored to specific industries and detailed eGuides. Plus, the portal can instantly co-brand dozens of assets providing partners with a wide range of customized marketing materials at their fingertips. All of these assets enhance the partner’s brand presence and help them effectively communicate the call recording value proposition to their customers, expediting the sales cycle and closing deals faster.

Deal Protection and Centralized Management: 

Our team is here to do all of the heavy lifting! As soon as you register a deal, your CallCabinet Account Manager will contact you to make the sales process seamless. 

Need a CallCabinet expert to provide a customized demo for your customer? Not a problem – we’re on it! 

Need recommendations on the best solution for a financial services institution? We’ve got you covered! 

Plus, deal registration ensures deal protection, giving partners the peace of mind that their hard work won’t go unrecognized. With centralized management of registered opportunities, partners can track each opportunity’s progress effectively, leading to increased efficiency and streamlined sales processes. 

Revenue Growth and Increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): 

Partnering with CallCabinet opens up new avenues for revenue growth by bringing the benefits of call recording to 100% of a channel partner’s existing customer base. This benefits the partner’s relationship with their current installed base while enhancing their overall presence and value. By leveraging the largest generator of business-critical insights, conversation-generated data, partners can differentiate themselves from their competition, capitalizing on CallCabinet’s robust solutions to current customers. The result: Increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and securing a deeper, more valued relationship.

Increased Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): 

Globally, channel partners are in a race to provide new services to create a compelling differentiation from their competitors. By offering partners comprehensive and competitive solutions, they can provide tangible value to their customers. CallCabinet helps its partners expand their installed base footprints as well as open new opportunities, subsequently boosting their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). The CallCabinet team helps their partners sell and earn more by differentiating our solutions from the competition and leveraging CallCabinet’s flexible call recording and business intelligence product lines. This benefits the partner and enhances the overall customer experience by providing an in-demand, cloud-native solution that reduces cost, eliminates the complexity and risks associated with legacy call recording solutions, and unlocks business intelligence from voice data at scale.

With features like deal protection, centralized opportunity management, and an extensive library of branded and co-brandable marketing assets, partners are equipped with all the tools to retain existing customers and grow their current customer base. By utilizing the CallCabinet Partner Portal, partners can accelerate their sales, increase revenue, and differentiate themselves in a crowded and noisy market. 

Harness the power of partnership success with CallCabinet and unlock more opportunities. Register for the CallCabinet Partner Portal today!

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