CallCabinet & Webex Meetings: Beyond Call Recording and Analytics

CallCabinet | July 25, 2023

Most, if not all, business conversations today are happening via voice and video calls. In fact, it’s hard to imagine conducting business without some kind of UCaaS involvement at all – think about a simple screen-shared presentation, for example. 

Webex Meetings is just such a tool. Cloud-based for video, audio and content-sharing, accessible from desktops, mobile devices, browsers, and video devices. It promotes collaboration even after the meeting ends, offering features like screen sharing, meeting recording, customizable layouts, and meeting broadcasting. 

All of these conversations however may require, for most organizations, some form of regulation or company policy to enforce consistency. Then also, multiple questions arise on what happens to the conversation data – after all, these are digital conversations and therefore exist as data. Should the conversation be recorded? Where and how does the data get stored? Is the data easily retrievable? What about data privacy regulation compliance?

With CallCabinet all these questions are comprehensively answered. CallCabinet’s revolutionary solutions are now available across the entire Cisco and Webex ecosystem and this fact alone is noteworthy for many reasons. 

But first, let’s take a closer look at what CallCabinet’s integration means for businesses using Webex Meetings as their chosen communications platform. 

Record and analyze 100% of conversations

CallCabinet ensures that every Webex Meetings conversation is accurately recorded and then safely and securely stored for processing. The result? Companies can rest assured that nothing is missed and all conversation data gets utilized for a comprehensive and detailed view of what is happening within Webex Meetings across their organization. 

With CallCabinet seamlessly integrated with Webex Meetings, every voice, video and even screen interaction captured can now be served up for users to put to use effectively using one call recording solution – anywhere, from any device, and at any time.

Gain Complete Control Of Conversation Data

With CallCabinet the conversation data remains under the business’s ownership at all times. This is noteworthy because it was and is not always the case with other call recording and/or analytics solutions. So what makes CallCabinet different? Complete data sovereignty and true multi-tenancy. 

This means companies operating across multiple regions or continents can rest assured that all conversation data is handled in full adherence to every data privacy and data handling regulation out there. But the good news doesn’t end there.

CallCabinet offers a robust feature set purpose built to alleviate and address all the data challenges of the past. Every recording is tagged with a comprehensive array of identifiers making any unique recording easily searchable, retrievable and completely secure. This level of control allows businesses to drastically speed up first call resolution times, ensure more effective dispute resolution and monitor employee performance with complete accuracy, to name but a few.

These powerful capabilities also allow for Legal Hold, Custom Retention Policies, Granular Recording Control (set policies by department, team, locale etc.), and Compliant Call Sharing.  

Then too comes the very common problem of your company sitting with legacy or proprietary recording data from past years with no way to extract valuable insights from it. CallCabinet can assist by unlocking this data and compliantly migrating it into the CallCabinet cloud to make your business intelligence as complete as it can be. 

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Turn Conversation Data Into Business Intelligence

Having all this conversation data should also translate into meaningful business value beyond storage and retrieval. CallCabinet’s solutions use intelligent business dashboards to visualize all recorded data which can then be used to make data-driven decisions in real time. This means companies can keep a finger on the pulse of their business and respond quickly to market changes, driving their competitiveness through organizational agility. 

Ensure Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Data privacy regulations are here to stay but the sheer volume of regulations can be challenging to adhere to, especially in multinational operations, without the right tools. CallCabinet is built upon deep collaboration with the world’s most heavily regulated industries and is trusted by a number of industry heavyweights for its compliance capabilities. Not only that, but the CallCabinet engine is built to rapidly accommodate any new regulatory changes and automatically adhere to whatever occurs affecting that captured conversation data. 

On the quality assurance side, from CallCabinet’s Basic Recording through Advanced Analytics offerings, companies using Webex Meetings can monitor and track trends, anomalies, customer experience, employee experience and so much more. Effectively doing what would take many humans and many hours to do (with quite some degree of loss in accuracy), in as real time as it gets without missing a beat. 

Gone are the days of guessing how well your company is doing with its customer experience performance, not to mention eliminating any kind of favoritism. Now, voice data can be contextualized by running it through CallCabinet’s robust analytics engine – putting the data to work and equalizing the playing field. This also translates into more efficient employee evaluation, more effective training and generally improving the quality of every business conversation to the benefit of the business, employees and customers.

Freedom of Communications Platform Choice

In a world that increasingly relies on UC platforms such as Webex Meetings, it is easy to understand that it is essential for businesses – and indeed the global economy – to allow for effective communication without limitations. To put it simply: a very real need exists for seamless integration and effortless interoperability between these platforms and the necessary solutions deployed with them.

CallCabinet safely and securely aggregates call recording data from any communication platform into a single unified user experience. This means companies using Webex Meetings can also use any other communications platform of their choice and still enjoy the same CallCabinet user interface. For example, a large multinational could use one UC platform for their HR department in Australia, Webex Meetings for international conversations and a mix of IP-PBX and telephony across other regions. No matter the communications environment, companies around the world can rely on a single solution for their compliant call recording, AI conversation analytics, business intelligence and QA needs regardless of which UC platforms (or combination of platforms) are driving their core business.  

CallCabinet is available on the Webex AppHub. For more information, please visit: 


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