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How Call Recording Software Adds Value To Your Business

CallCabinet | January 22, 2019

Business owners often underestimate the value of call recording software. The perception is usually that call recording software can only be utilised in large call centres, but in reality, this is not the case. Great value can be added to just about any business of any size by using call recording software, and there are a lot of options available that are very affordable.

Call recording software is a software technology that can record and keep track of all voice transactions made over a telephone network. This technology has advanced significantly to keep up with modern networks and digital formatting, such as conversations conducted over VoIP and PSTN networks. The information can then be stored, replayed and analysed in different ways to bring meaningful insights about the current state of the business, new opportunities in the marketplace, cost reduction and many other factors that affect the success of the business.

Some of the benefits that call recording software can bring to your business include the following:

  • Performance management through call monitoring: In order to measure the performance of particular teams or employees, their calls can be analysed to gain information about effectiveness. For instance, the hit rate (how many sales are made with how many calls), how long the calls are, particular target markets, or what the best performers say during the conversation. This information can then be used for appraisals, the identification of training opportunities, the implementation of new scripts, and targeting of different demographics.
  • Evaluation of marketing campaigns: Better insights can be gained by listening to customer responses during marketing campaigns. For instance, new customer needs can be identified through the questions customers ask or specific things that they request. This enables your business to focus on providing specific products that will expand the customer base and increase sales.
  • Legislative compliance: Most transactions made over the telephone are regulated by law. Call recording software enables the retrieval and encryption of stored conversations. This helps to resolve any issues around legislation and customer consent. It provides evidence that regulations were followed and avoid possible lawsuits.
  • Dispute settlement: Telephonic conversations are not always as clear cut as one would want them to be, and sometimes misunderstandings or miscommunications occur. During a dispute, call recording software can be used to escalate or to settle the dispute by listening to the contents of the conversation.

It helps to understand that not only large call centres deploy call recording software. Even smaller businesses such as medical practices use it to record information about appointments, prescriptions and patient data. Vehicle dealerships use it to record information about their workshop or servicing bookings and ordering of parts. Call recording can be applied to many different businesses!

Call Cabinet specialises in the provision of high-quality call recording software for any size business at affordable prices, on a month-to-month basis. This makes it possible for just about any business to benefit from call recording. To find out more about how call recording software can add value to your specific business, give our team a call today!

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