How to Optimize Your Webex Customer Experience (CX) Deployments

CallCabinet | March 13, 2024


Webex recently announced the availability of four Customer Experience (CX) product packages (Basic, Essential, Standard, and Premium) for their Webex platform. It’s a timely announcement, given the rise in the CX focus, and with it comes the question; Which compliant call recording and analytics solution should be implemented with Webex?

CallCabinet + Webex CX Basic, CX Essentials, CX Experience and CX Premium

CallCabinet for Every Webex Deployment

As a longstanding Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, CallCabinet has you covered. Let’s take a journey and see how CallCabinet’s call recording and analytics solution supports each stage of every contact center conversation with Webex.

CallCabinet Blog Fillers Contact Center Journey Standard CX

CX Basic with CallCabinet

What is it?: Webex CX Basic is a collection of core contact center features that are included out of the box for no additional fee with the Webex Calling Professional License. Webex CX Basic includes voice queues, agent experience, a multi-call window, and HD Voice. Additionally, it provides light, and perhaps temporary, contact center capabilities, formerly known as “Group Call Management”.

How does CallCabinet add value?: CallCabinet expands your business potential by layering on rich, contact center-focused features to CX Basic. Compliant call recording, multilingual transcription, PCI DSS options, manual and automated QA, and deeper conversation analytics are all made available. For example, CX Basic owners can use CallCabinet’s comprehensive QA tools to more effectively train, monitor, and evaluate agents, streamline internal operations, and improve customer experience, beyond what CX Basic licenses provide. Use CallCabinet to unify your CX Basic recorded data when deploying smaller contact centers, help desks, and support teams.

Let’s explore scenarios!

  • For a small contact center that is collecting payment information, such as from credit cards, PCI DSS compliance is non-negotiable. With CallCabinet’s automatic PCI redaction, this regulatory compliance requirement is met, managed, and securely handled without excessive training or opportunity for manual (and expensive!) errors. Automated multilingual transcription ensures each conversation is documented and can be easily referenced (a key advantage in dispute resolution).
  • For a helpdesk department, customer service is key. Applying advanced analytics to the captured voice data provides quality assurance for both agents and customers. Using CallCabinet’s QA tools, a supervisor can easily monitor if the team is adhering to customer service standards, policies, and expectations. Automated keyword and sentiment analysis provide insights on whether conversations are handled correctly – and where agents can improve. When a conversation starts to go badly, keyword and keyphrase tagging can be set up to trigger automated alerts to managers to help turn the situation around.

CallCabinet Blog Fillers Contact Center Journey Advanced CX

CX Essentials with CallCabinet

What is it?: CX Essentials fills the middle ground between the new Basic tier and Webex’s Standard or Premium contact center offerings. It’s an all-new Webex Calling license designed for growing call centers or groups, with more sophisticated customer interactions. It includes agent screen pops,  supervisor experience, analytics experience, and all the features of the Webex Calling Professional License. CX Essentials targets businesses that already have a formal contact center operation but want the ability to allow other employees from across their enterprise to be involved with contact center conversations.

How does CallCabinet add value?: CallCabinet’s deep integration with all of Webex means businesses can now use a single solution as their contact center operation and calling needs evolve and grow. Use CallCabinet to gather all omnichannel conversation data and leverage deep analytics tools to provide complete business intelligence. CallCabinet’s advanced AI analytics enable immediate actionable insights across multiple departments.

Let’s explore scenarios!

  • Outsourced contact centers (BPOs) may experience excessive call volumes due to seasonality. It is common practice that if this occurs, overflow calls may get directed back to the main business to add an additional layer of expertise and better support their customers. This is easily done when both the BPO and main business use Webex.

With CallCabinet’s advanced AI capabilities, such as sentiment analysis and trend monitoring, customer satisfaction can be closely analyzed during these call volume overloads. Recurring issues and trends can be identified and operations optimized to solve them. Both the contact center and the customer service department can be held to the same KPIs to ensure business standards are kept at the same level – all monitored via CallCabinet’s single-pane-of-glass views.

CallCabinet Blog Fillers Contact Center Journey

CX Standard & Premium with CallCabinet

What is it?: CX Standard and Premium are aimed at businesses that need a complete omnichannel contact center solution or a CPaaS solution that can elevate their customer experience. Features include AI-Assistant capabilities at no additional cost, suggested responses, conversation summaries, a low-code virtual agent, AI-powered burnout detection, and agent coaching.

How does CallCabinet add value?: Many contact center operations operate with make-do or make-shift solutions, particularly when it comes to compliant call recording. CallCabinet provides your business with unified conversation control by taking your Webex Contact Center compliance and recorded data capabilities to the next level. With automated regulatory compliance for all recorded conversations, CallCabinet makes it easy to do root cause analysis on agent performance, get alerts and notifications on specified events, and go beyond dashboard data visualization with generative AI data engagement.

CallCabinet optimizes efficiency and allows businesses to step up their digital transformation using a single solution call recording and analytics platform across cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments. Plus, with CallCabinet’s compliant data migration, you get to unlock the goldmine of business information trapped within legacy data stored only for compliance purposes previously.

Let’s explore scenarios!

  • A contact center that decides to modernize its operations will face some challenges to get its digital transformation done. Which contact center platform to adopt, which deployment type, what should be done with legacy calling data, and many more. CallCabinet puts the power back into the business’s hands, enabling it to achieve digital transformation at its own pace.

Using CallCabinet, the company can adopt any contact center solution running on any UC platform, safely migrate all recorded data, and accommodate cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments. Of course, it’s also about having a solution that provides the business with what they need, when they need it as it evolves.

As the most versatile solution in the market today, CallCabinet is the ideal choice for any company aiming to adopt new contact center platforms such as Webex CX Standard or Premium. CallCabinet provides one unified call recording and analytics solution for all contact center types.


Learn more about CallCabinet for contact centers here.

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