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Improve Compliance And Customer Service With Call Recording

CallCabinet | February 13, 2019

businesscallrecordingsIn the modern world where a wide variety of transactions are conducted via telephone, regulatory compliance plays a most fundamental role. There are various acts that regulate telephone transactions, and call centres are always highly focused on remaining compliant at all times. On the other hand, call centre managers often find themselves dealing with other, employee-related challenges such as customer service, employee retention, hitting targets and objectives, and improving productivity. They also have to deal with customer issues such as quality of service, client recruitment and retention and effective sales.

Innovative business call recording systems now empower the business to improve compliance while also becoming more capable of handling other, more HR-related challenges. Turnkey business call recording systems log voice recordings allow for better service efficiency, improved compliance and better regulation of other issues such as customer experiences and interactions with call centre staff.

While the norm – even 5 years ago – was the partial recording of calls, more companies are buying into business call recording systems that will enable them to record all calls and customer interactions. This not only provides a wealth of information regarding compliance but is also very instrumental in improving the customer experience. In addition to this, call centre agents are monitored to identify gaps in conversation, information left out, attitudes during the call, and to gauge overall performance management. This makes it easy to monitor the quality of the service provided, while also being able to monitor regulatory compliance. Voice logging and business call recording have advanced immensely with the advent of cloud and hybrid storage, and it is now easier than ever to record, log, store, encrypt and recall voice calls. In this way, training needs can be identified and corrective action can be taken. It is also helpful with dispute handling and voice recordings are allowed as evidence in court.

All call centres have to be in possession of the correct tools to analyse call recording data and to draw valuable insights that may lead to action in order to improve the customer experience and compliance on a continuous basis. This will help to gain and retain clients and reduce customer losses. It also helps the business to develop and implement procedures that guide best practices.

It is vital for call centre operations to use business call recording systems that are well suited to that particular business environment and relevant compliance issues. This may require a significant initial investment, but compared to staff underperformance, client defection and possible lawsuits in the medium to long term, it is money well worth spending. Productivity will increase, customers are satisfied, and compliance is practically guaranteed.

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