Shifting the Paradigm: CallCabinet Partners with NUWAVE

CallCabinet | November 3, 2023

It’s no secret that businesses all over the world are spoiled for choice when it comes to cloud communications platforms. While Microsoft Teams is certainly the dominant player, the reality however is that companies often support multiple UC platforms, which also brings a raft of complex decisions such as interoperability; “Will product A work with product B?”, “Can we use the data from one platform with the other?”, “How long will it take and how much will it cost to implement or develop a custom integration across platforms?”. Of course, these questions are only the tip of the iceberg, but you get the picture. 

That’s why CallCabinet’s partnership with NUWAVE is such a fundamental paradigm shift in the business world. It represents putting the power of cross-platform licensing and data management across those platforms back into business’ hands. Specifically, conversation data.

NUWAVE’s iPilot platform is now well known around the world for streamlining the deployment model to immediately bring cloud communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. What used to take months and years to deploy now can be done within minutes to days – the benefits of which are obvious to any size business. 

Within iPilot, companies and partners decide what communications platform(s) they want to roll out for their organization. The newly added partnership with CallCabinet now extends conversation analytics and compliant call recording into iPilot where these necessary capabilities can be added with a click to any platform seat being provisioned and deployed.  

CallCabinet’s agnostic communications platform capability brings a much needed versatility and flexibility to the UC market. It is no longer a case of which recording solution to apply to which platform, and then having the unexpected costs, complexities and delays of making them compatible with the 3rd party solutions also involved, even less expecting to have the ability to analyze the data across them all. With CallCabinet, there are no surprises. Every call and conversation is securely ingested across all UC platforms involved, then stored and processed according to the most stringent security protocols available. Oh and it does omnichannel too – audio, video, text, social and email. Now all this consolidated calling data can be analyzed to deliver the much needed business intelligence historically unavailable.

This means businesses get a much clearer picture of what’s happening internally and externally. Departments typically not exposed to the insights tucked inside their company’s conversation data can now start interacting with it to extract customer and employee data points. As an example, the marketing department can query the data with market-related questions or the legal department ask legal-specific questions of that same data. So it’s no longer a case of just whether a call was positive or negative, but rather knowing how those deeper insights can set the strategic direction for a department or for the overall business.

Data is where the game is being played today and will continue to be played. CallCabinet’s partnership with NUWAVE hails in a new era where companies get to own their conversation data regardless of platform and have the capability to let next-generation AI do deep analysis of the data being collected – all from a single solution. 

With all this real time business intelligence ready for the taking, the question is; Is your company using CallCabinet yet?

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