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Skype for Business Needs Call Recording

Ryan Kahan | May 27, 2016
Skype4B Needs Call Recording

As Microsoft Skype for Business (Skype4B) becomes a standard for PBX enhancement or replacement, many enhanced applications that we are used to may not be available. Applications such as contact centers and voice recording have to be added as separate solutions. There are many software components available from Microsoft partners that can enhance any Skype4B solution, including the all important, Voice Recording.

Why Voice Recording?

So why would you want Voice Recording?

Regulatory Compliance standards are becoming more widespread in the enterprise where logging communications is critical to meeting these standards. Voice Recording becomes an important part of these regulations. Depending upon the industry, calls need to be archived and accessible for a number of years. Security issues are driving more organizations to record calls. Dispute resolution has always been a factor in recording conversations. An example is a stock broker who implements the customer’s buy or sell request only to be accused later of not following the customer’s instructions. Besides the necessity to record, enterprises are focused on the customer experience. “It takes 10 positive customer experiences to make up for 1 negative experience” (quoted from Contact Center Magazine). Quality assurance ensures that the customer relationship is being handled correctly. Calls can be graded or scored and the scoring can be used to award those performing well and incentivize others to perform better. The recorded call can be used for training purposes and to provide feedback to the organization’s users and agents to create the best possible customer experience.

Call recording should be performed accurately and securely. The enterprise needs recording to resolve conflicts. It’s rare that recordings end up in court, however when they do, the enterprise needs to make sure it’s the original recording and cannot be tampered with. This should be a standard feature in good recording systems. The vast majority of the time, listening to the recording demonstrates that any customer complaint is without merit and the situation goes no further.

Server Based Solutions

The call recording function can be implemented in a server as an on-premise solution. In the Skype4B world, the call recoding software requires direct integration to the Skype4B system. In order to function correctly, the call recording system must be integrated using Microsoft certified plug-ins, that capture the media and call metadata. In an on-premise Skype4B scenario, this is easy provided by the call recording company that has their plug-ins certified by Microsoft. The problem is in Office365, where access to the Skype4B is not available. Microsoft does not permit access to their network therefore the call recording company must have a solution that will support the Microsoft cloud solution, CallCabinet does just that.

CallCabinet’s Skype for Business integrates both on-premise and Office365 Skype4B solutions so that all calls can be recorded, from any device, whether it’s an internal call, Skype4B contact center call, inbound or outbound calls, remote users or federated users. Through CallCabinet’s certified integration, the Skype4B deployment doesn’t become the obstacle in providing an effective recording solution.

Desktop Based Solution

Client side recording works well with Skype4B and Lync. Within Skype4B, Microsoft has a recording capability where certain calls can recorded from the desktop client. The problem is that It doesn’t record calls from any other devices such mobile phones and tablets. Further, calls are stored on the desktop and not secure. CallCabinet’s Skype for Business solution utlitzes a combination of desktop integration and virtual server based software that can connect to on-premise Skype4B or Office 365. This is the perfect solution for a help desk or call center where call recording is limited to the user/agents. By using the Skype4B desktop client, phone sets are not necessary.

The client installation is simple to perform and takes a few minutes. The end user can perform this function themselves. CallCabinet integrates with the Skype4B client, captures the encrypted audio, decrypts it, records it, and then encrypts again for transfer to centralized cloud storage. This allows all the users/agents to be managed through a single portal.

The Economics

Subscription based solutions are the best when looking into call recording. These types of solutions allow the enterprise to grow their recording on an as needed basis and limits the investment in costly server based solutions. Look for a subscription service that is priced by user, per month. With subscription recording, you can typically find solutions for less that $20 per user, per month.

CallCabinet Skype for Business is a desktop and cloud based solution that provides system redundancy and backup. If the server based solution is preferred, the monthly fee should be the same. However, there is typically a software installation charge for the servers. The server solution requires the physical server and IT staff labor to complete the installation.

In summary, remember that deploying Microsoft Skype4B doesn’t mean you have to give up enhanced capabilities that your business requires. Voice Recording is simple by deploying CallCabinet’s Skype for Business that allows your recording needs to grow as needed without killing your budget. Find out more by contacting CallCabinet.

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