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The difference between speech analytics and voice analytics

CallCabinet | November 16, 2022

Whether businesses need some form of call analytics or are already using it, only some fully appreciate the difference between speech analytics and voice analytics, not to mention how to best use it for business growth. To fully understand the difference between speech analytics and voice analytics, let’s take a closer look at the purpose of each, as well as their history.

Speech analytics

By definition, speech analytics, at its most basic form, refers to the capability of analyzing the spoken word. This occurs mainly through technology that allows conversations to be recorded, often utilizing speech-to-text transcription of what was verbally communicated. A good example of this is the contact center or call center. Considering the millions of conversations happening every day, it amounts to vast quantities of recorded data that can be analyzed for various purposes. 

It’s also worth noting that speech analytics has evolved through the years to the point where a distinction is made between historical speech analytics and real-time speech analytics

Voice analytics

By definition, voice analytics, at its most basic form, is the analysis of how something is said. Here sentiment comes into play as this form of analytics provides insight into the person’s state of mind while speaking. It might seem like a very futuristic concept, but in fact, it too has been around for ages. 

The first known use of voice analytics dates back to World War II and has also evolved over the years to become a very powerful tool.

Let’s circle back to the contact center example used with speech analytics. With voice analytics, the business can better understand the voice of their customers, identify trends or problem areas and combine it with speech analytics for a well-rounded, enhanced customer experience. 

Combining speech analytics with voice analytics

Together, the two forms can deliver much-needed business intelligence to any organization. If ‘information is power,’ then imagine the positive effect this can have on your business – clean, accurate and reliable business intelligence at your fingertips. 

Historically though, having both speech analytics and voice analytics in your organization meant heavy investment. Your business required specialist hardware to record conversations and had to contend with ever-changing data regulations as well as employing or contracting the required staff to maintain it all. 

Luckily, all that has changed. Companies are no longer bound by proprietary and legacy recording platforms, and it’s all thanks to the cloud. Paving the way for solutions like CallCabinet to combine speech and voice analytics into a single, cloud-native platform. 

The best of both with CallCabinet

Knowing what was said and how it was said is now a real-time reality for enterprises around the world. CallCabinet’s proven track record in the world’s most heavily regulated industries has led it to be the most comprehensive, cloud-native compliance call recording, unlimited conversation analytics and quality assurance automation solution available. 

Powered by next-gen artificial intelligence (AI), CallCabinet’s conversation analytics engine is leading the way for organizations to:

  • improve customer experience (CX)
  • identify consumer patterns
  • increase customer retention
  • enhance agent evaluation and training
  • improve employee experience (EX)
  • automate quality assurance (QA)
  • reduce risk
  • save time and money 
  • and so much more

Plus, it’s easy. CallCabinet integrates seamlessly with virtually all major unified communications (UC), IP-PBX and telephony platforms, as well as third-party systems such as Bloomberg Vault, Salesforce and SteelEye.

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