Revolutionary Innovation

Our leadership and employees are pioneers and experts, deeply immersed in how our cloud native call recording and analytics solutions deliver against the most critical customer requirements.

What We Do

Knowing what is said and how it is said, during 100% of critical conversations, advances continued business success in unpredictable global market conditions. CallCabinet’s revolutionary, cloud-native compliance call recording solutions are powered by next-gen AI and utilize specialized machine learning to deliver unparalleled business intelligence in real-time.


Real-world Demands

CallCabinet was built from deep collaboration within the world’s most heavily regulated industries and boasts an architecture that allows it to adapt to market demands. This, coupled with the fact that CallCabinet’s rich feature set is constantly updated according to real-world demands, is what truly sets CallCabinet apart.

Foundational Culture and Values


Awards and Accolades

Our innovative solutions keep shaking things up in the call recording and analytics industry, a fact recognized by industry influencers, associations and publications.


CallCabinet Solutions

CallCabinet’s revolutionary solutions include compliant call recording, AI-driven conversation analytics, quality assurance tools and data migration. You can also view these solutions as they pertain to your industry.


CallCabinet Products

Compliant call recording forms the foundation of every CallCabinet offering. Choose from Core Recording, Advanced Recording, Standard Analytics or Advanced Analytics according to your business needs.