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5 Advantages Of Cloud Based Call Recording You Cannot Ignore

CallCabinet | March 13, 2019


It doesn’t matter whether you are managing a large or small enterprise. When you are dealing with transactions made by your employees with clients over the phone, you need to be on top of many different components. These will usually include aspects such as customer service, sales pitches, transactions and legal compliance. Real-time interactions between clients and call centre staff can often be a little daunting to control and understand, and frequently issues may arise.

Misunderstanding via the phone is relatively common, and if these issues are not managed correctly, they can have an enormous impact on the company, the sales process and the brand. Because effective communication is so vital during any phone-based transaction, cloud-based call recording helps to identify weak spots in agent-customer interactions and highlight training opportunities to increase performance.

One of the best solutions is an integrated cloud-based call recording solution. These systems help you to record, store, encrypt and recall voice calls for various reasons. Here are some of the advantages that a cloud-based call recording solution can offer:

1. Improved customer service: Live monitoring and recording of voice calls allow call centre managers to detect ineffective communication. These can then be addressed with training or coaching, and as a result, the customer has a better experience when dealing with the call agents.

2. Compliance: This is one of the most important features of cloud-based call recording. Voice transactions are now severely regulated, and call centres have to remain compliant at all times with a variety of regulations that relate to their particular industries. Non-compliance can affect the company negatively and incur great fines and other penalties, so being able to recall and listen to voice calls allows the call centre manager to ensure compliance and to address non-compliance issues.

3. Dispute resolution: Often a phone call may lead to misunderstandings and ambiguity. The caller may claim that something was promised, while the call centre agent actually intended something else. Any claim that false or incorrect information was provided can be clarified with call recordings and helps with the resolution of disputes. Call recording is admissible in court as evidence. This adds an extra protective layer to the company during challenges.

4. Information gathering: Often not all the details about a customer are written down or remembered by the call agent. Recalling the voice call from the cloud-based call recording system can replay the information that needs to be recorded.

It goes without saying that cloud-based call recording serves as a safety measure that no call centre can do without!

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