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Next-gen Conversation Analytics: Critical for Business Growth

CallCabinet | February 23, 2023

Simply put, CallCabinet’s next-gen conversation analytics enables your business to know what was said and how it was said in 100% of your conversations. Think about the impact it can have on your organization and your organization’s ability to remain competitive in today’s world. 

Now, let’s consider all the ways that your customers interact with your business. Phone, social media, email, texts and video calls have made interactions more accessible to businesses and customers alike but, at the same time, have also dramatically increased your business’ risk exposure. 

With so many channels and conversations taking place daily, wouldn’t it be great to not only keep track of it all, but have all these conversations actively and accurately monitored?

It Starts with Cloud-native Call Recording

CallCabinet’s solutions revolutionized the call recording industry by being the first to offer cloud-native call recording. This empowered organizations to digitally transform their operations and migrate both legacy and proprietary recording data to the cloud. A move that consistently sees massive cost savings and improved efficiency in itself. Plus, the built-in, future-proof regulatory compliance that CallCabinet offers is ideal for when you’re in a heavily regulated industry such as financial services, healthcare and the like.

Being cloud-native, CallCabinet seamlessly integrates with major unified communications (UC), IP-PBX, telephony and third-party business systems. Here again, enabling businesses to leverage technology regardless of their operational environment.  

Enter Conversation Analytics

With the ability to record conversations in any environment, the question became what to do with all that recording data? The answer, of course, is to turn recording data into actionable business intelligence. 

CallCabinet’s next-gen conversation analytics gives organizations insight into 100% of their conversations. And we’re not talking simple volume, time, and length here (they are included, too) but rather natural language processing with sentiment, emotion, pace, tone, speech-to-text transcription), and voice analysis. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning work together to deliver unparalleled business intelligence that’s unique to your business. Industry-specific language packs combined with world language packs form the basis for achieving real, actionable insights. 

Now, it’s all about how you apply these learnings to your organization. The following are just a few examples. For a more detailed overview, you can download our conversation analytics brochure here

Improve Customer Experience(CX)

With CallCabinet’s conversation analytics in your corner, you will know the voice of your customer. This means that you will have the ability to be informed on customer behavior patterns, trends, needs, wants and more. It will tell you when there are litigation risks, when customers are happy or disgruntled, and when to adapt new business policies in line with market demands. 

Improve Employee Experience (EX)

Your employees represent your organization, and it’s therefore critical that they do not come across as demotivated, unhappy or even angry when interacting with your customers. Conversation analytics will tell you when your employees are having trouble closing deals, dealing with disputes, upselling or cross-selling or going through a tough time. On the flip side, it will also tell you which employees are performing best and which are adhering to mandatory requirements. 

With all this information at your fingertips, your organization can keep a more accurate finger on the pulse and proactively make changes.  

Improve Retention Rates

Retaining talent and retaining customers are both equally important and increasingly challenging in today’s world. Conversation analytics equals the playing field for both customers and employees and allows your organization to make business decisions from real-time data. 

On the employee side, you’ll be able to adjust the environment and make the necessary interventions in time for a more pleasing and rewarding employee experience. The same goes for your customers. Knowing what customers are looking for and when they are likely to look for it allows your organization to plan accordingly and deliver a richer customer experience. 

What it All Boils Down to

Reducing risk, increasing efficiency and many more are all essential metrics that CallCabinet’s conversation analytics can help fuel your business growth. Ultimately, it all comes down to enabling your company to be more agile and ready to respond to market changes.

Don’t get left behind. Ensure your organization’s competitiveness and schedule a demo today to see what CallCabinet can do for your business. 

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