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CallCabinet Version 8: the Next Evolution in Call Recording Compliance

Ryan Kahan | September 9, 2014
Callcabinet news article version 8

Historically, call recording may have been considered a luxury. However, as a result of increasing customer demands for higher standards of service and support, coupled with the challenges of corporate liability and regulatory laws, cost-effective and reliable electronic call recording compliance has become a business necessity.

“Increasingly, companies are harnessing call recording technology to ensure optimum legal compliance, while also optimising their communications resources and increasing their revenue,” comments Matthew Balcomb, director of Call Cabinet™ SA , a subsidiary of Call Cabinet Corporation USA. “In addition, companies who already have call recording systems are re-examining the effectiveness of these systems, as the industry shifts towards efficient call logging systems that are affordable, hassle-free, and all-inclusive, providing turnkey solutions.”.

Balcomb believes that the recently released Call Cabinet™ Version 8 call recording and quality management solution will ensure that companies continue to benefit from the complete reliability and security they have come to expect from the newly rebranded Call Cabinet™ suite.

“With Call Cabinet™, businesses receive best-of-breed call recording solutions, incorporating the latest international best practices. The Call Cabinet™ Suite combines Call Cabinet™ CallTracker and Call Cabinet™ QualityTracker to provide a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organisation’s ability to listen, understand and respond to customers’ needs; ensure service level goals are met and maintained; and increase call centre productivity, quality and effectiveness,” explains Balcomb.

Using state-of-the-art Call Cabinet™ call recording technology developed on a Microsoft™ Silverlight™ web based platform, Call Cabinet™ is able to bring you their Enterprise level call recording solution “in a box”, providing enterprise flexibility and functionality. The web-based user interface allows archives of hundreds of thousands of phone calls to be navigated easily, using multiple search criteria, without incurring huge costs or affecting employee productivity. The solution includes benefits such as desktop screen capture, time-based note capture, instant play, agent imaging, call sorting and grouping, as well as Call Cabinet™ Alert – the industry’s first proactive remote site monitoring tool for extreme reliability. Incorporating seamless integrations, adaptability to different environments, recording of analog, digital and VoIP platforms, as well as scalability, the Call Cabinet™ solution is extremely competitive and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Building on this solid offering, Call Cabinet™ Version 8 delivers a number of advanced new features to add immense value to an organisation, boosting company profits and delivering a real return on investment. These include granular security that allows role-based permissions to be set not only for pages (or “modules”) but also for specific parts of the modules; Decision Tree Based Quality Control that changes questions depending on the answers to preceding questions; built-in advanced remote link support to render calls transferred from remote sites; an intuitive user-friendly interface with fewer steps required to execute basic operations; Rapid Interface Load Time for faster loading; advanced archiving capability; automatic database updating for fast and painless incremental updates; easier-to-read visual design; and a widget home page that displays important information at a glance.

Furthermore, highly flexible, fast and user-friendly Advanced Reporting delivers a variety of reporting options and advanced reports, as well as enhanced graphics, providing the ability to modify data representation, and is complemented by enhanced analytics; enhanced export, saving and printing options; usage statistics and integration into V8 decision tree structure. These reporting and analysis tools empower companies with the knowledge and insight to improve agent performance, optimise communications resources and increase revenue.

“Regardless of the size of the company, or whether a company operates a call centre, a back office or a trading floor, or simply require impeccable records of phone transactions with clients and employees, a secure, stable and reliable solution that can be customised to specific business goals is vital. Call Cabinet™ delivers the ability to leverage call recording as a secure and regu¬latory compliant tool to mitigate risk and liability exposure while enhancing call centre effectiveness and agent per¬formance,” concludes Balcomb. “If your business relies on keeping track of customer phone interactions for quality, monitoring or legal purposes, you’ll appreciate the importance of implementing a reliable and feature-rich call recording and quality management solution, and the new Call Cabinet™ V8 ticks all the boxes.”

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