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Call Monitoring and QA Tools That Perfectly Match Business Needs

CallCabinet | August 17, 2023

Conversations form a critical part of business and given the vast amount of communication channels available, many companies are often left with either too much or too little when it comes to quality assurance tools. 

The reason for this is two-fold. First, the size of the company. Smaller companies are likely to have fewer communication channels to worry about while large enterprises will likely require an omnichannel approach. Second, the budget available. Given the right budget and continued technology advancements that make digital channels more accessible, there are SMBs that operate using a large spectrum of communication channels. 

When it comes to actively monitoring the quality of conversations that employees are having with customers, the question is what amount, or even what type, of conversation QA tools does a business truly need?

There are many solutions out there that specialize in call monitoring and quality assurance, but these often come at a premium and provide an exhaustive list of tools, more than are needed, little less used. 

The big headache for companies is to find a solution that delivers only the QA tools that match their business needs and can scale as their business grows.   

Allow us to highlight the following all-too-common business scenarios and explain how CallCabinet successfully addresses the QA needs challenge for each. 

The “We need to keep an eye on what we say” company

These companies are mainly concerned about call quality assurance due to a combination of requiring regulatory compliance and a high level oversight of employee performance. 

With CallCabinet’s Advanced Recording solution, companies get to set up their own QA Randomizer that allows them to perform quality monitoring on a defined volume of calls, and either on a selection of, or all of the agents/employees. They can set their own weighting (importance) to every criteria and can customize the QA Scorecards to identify any phrase, sentence or keyword according to their own business metrics. 

CallCabinet Blog Filler Call Monitoring and QA Tools That Perfectly Match Business Needs QA

The result? The company gets to run call monitoring according to what they need, when they need it – all from an intuitive series of dashboards that allows the company to tailor their QA and generate downloadable reports. 

The “We want to improve our customer experience” company

These companies typically have a handle on what they are communicating during conversations, but need deeper insights into every conversation, and translate it into how their conversations affect overall business performance. 

With CallCabinet’s Standard Analytics solution, businesses gain the ability to actively monitor 100% of their conversations – presenting voice data through a range of prebuilt business intelligence dashboards. These dashboards automatically keep track of every conversation, display real time call monitoring and quality assurance data, and effectively automates most QA processes.  

 CallCabinet Blog Filler Call Monitoring and QA Tools That Perfectly Match Business Needs Standard Analytics

The result? The company gains a complete, up-to-the-minute view of their Customer Experience, Risk & Compliance, Agent Performance, Call Classification and Call Details. 

The “We need cutting-edge QA” company 

These companies have run the gamut on all QA techniques, tools and trade secrets but need to monitor, in real time, conversation data from across multiple sources including voice, video, social media, email and chat. 

CallCabinet’s Advanced Analytics solution allows companies to completely automate their QA with customizable business intelligence dashboards that enable data-driven decision making from real time reporting specific to their business.  

CallCabinet Blog Filler Call Monitoring and QA Tools That Perfectly Match Business Needs Advanced Analytics

The result? The company gets to save countless manual QA review hours with automated quality assurance and call scoring – proactively improving processes, training and increasing revenue. 

The QA tools available within CallCabinet’s solutions are designed to match the needs of any business at any stage of their growth cycle. Add to that CallCabinet’s seamless integration with all major communications platforms and your business can take advantage of a single solution for compliant call recording, AI-driven conversation analytics and quality assurance

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