CallCabinet brings compliance peace of mind to Webex Contact Center

CallCabinet | September 8, 2022

There’s something to be said about having peace of mind, and we’re not talking about ‘ignorance is bliss’ here. Peace of mind comes from trust. It’s about knowing, not hoping, and it’s rare to find. It’s this kind of trust that CallCabinet has spent more than a decade developing across the world’s most heavily regulated industries. And it is the reason CallCabinet remains the most comprehensive, cloud-native compliance call recording solution available. 

The worldwide cloud revolution is underway, and solution providers and organizations are scrambling to enter the new age. As with anything new, uncertainty creeps in when dealing with the unknown, and it is precisely where you need trust. 

Contact centers, in particular, require a cloud solution that enables them to be strategic corporate assets by contributing to revenues, improving agent performance and productivity, and increasing overall customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Cisco, known for its timely provision of next-generation solutions, has met this demand by creating Webex Contact Center – a unified, omnichannel contact center solution that is centrally managed and administered from the cloud to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

And, as a Cisco Preferred Solution Provider, CallCabinet stood ready to once again seamlessly integrate and deliver cloud-based compliance call recording. Not only is CallCabinet ensuring 100% of the calls from Webex Contact Center are compliantly recorded, but it can easily and securely share this data to surveillance and business intelligence (BI) platforms such as Bloomberg Vault and SteelEye.

This means businesses can rely on the fact that CallCabinet seamlessly, yet compliantly integrates with whichever surveillance, financial, CRM or third-party solution they require. 

Both Cisco and CallCabinet have a proven track record of delivering in-demand solutions, and both work relentlessly to retain the trust of their customers. Webex Contact Center brings innovation, flexibility, and the agility of the cloud with security and scalability, while CallCabinet makes it compliant to the core. 

Even legacy data from on-premise systems can easily be migrated to CallCabinet, allowing businesses to unlock the valuable business intelligence contained within their legacy voice data. Of course, some organizations still require premise-based recording, and CallCabinet allows for this too. 

As a true multi-tenant cloud-native solution that delivers unlimited voice analytics, data sovereignty, automated or manual PCI DSS redaction, agent evaluation and agent screen recording, it’s no wonder organizations worldwide trust CallCabinet for compliance peace of mind. 

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