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CallCabinet, The Skype for Business Recording Revolution

CallCabinet | December 16, 2017
The Skype for Business Recording Revolution

The next generation of software applications is coming from the cloud. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! Microsoft has already introduced its Office 365 suite of products including  Skype for Business Recording that gives any business, enterprise-quality applications at a low monthly price. Now anyone who has a business can look like a global enterprise with the same Microsoft Office benefits that were once only available to enterprises for thousands of dollars. Office 365 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of applications that are located in the cloud, for a low monthly rate, businesses can use the software through their corporate or personal internet connections. So why is SaaS so exciting? SaaS reduces the need for a complex IT infrastructure, expensive servers, redundancy and backup solutions. SaaS stores all data in a secure server in the cloud, accessible by the user through their private portal. Further, SaaS eliminates the need to upgrade on-premise software since the SaaS provider automatically upgrades the operational software all in the cloud. The beauty of SaaS is that your initial investment is low and you can expand your usage as your business grows, all while using the latest and greatest software and storing it in a highly secure place that you can access anywhere, anytime and keep as long as you want!

That’s the message that Microsoft is communicating to the market. Office 365 is the first of its kind to offer all levels of businesses the ability to have a top-notch business suite, including both email and voice communications, without the need for infrastructure. Since Microsoft purchased Skype back in 2011, the move to incorporate Skype into Outlook and Office has been a priority. Today, Skype for Business recording is a core part of the Office 365 suite. With Skype for Business, just like the rest of Office 365, any business size can have their own communication system, complete with voice calling, video calling, conferencing, collaboration, instant messaging and mobility. The ability to take your phone with you anywhere, anytime from your smartphone is one of the major benefits of Skype for Business, especially if you’re a small business.

So what about other applications like Call Recording that I need for customer service or for regulatory compliance? Do I invest in a call recording system (and I emphasize the word INVEST) or can I have the same benefits that I get with Skype for Business? The answer is simple. CallCabinet, it is a Call Recording system that works from the cloud. That’s right, the same as Microsoft Office 365! CallCabinet is a revolutionary new product that taking the market by storm, offering both large and small businesses the ability to make their Call Recording flexible and portable where the traditional products cannot.

CallCabinet is a Software as a Service product that can scale as your business grows. The key behind the CallCabinet design is in its architecture. CallCabinet is designed to operate from the cloud with only small software clients in the customer network or on the customer’s PC. The CallCabinet client can be installed by virtually anyone who can operate a computer and can have the system operational in a matter of minutes! CallCabinet offers the subscriber a completely integrated recording system in Skype for Business, with secure, encrypted storage in the cloud all for a fraction of what a traditional system would cost. Adding to the benefits is the ability to scale CallCabinet as your business grows. Start with as little as one user and expand CallCabinet to as large as you want. That’s right, no limit to the number of users that can be recorded on CallCabinet!

Not only does CallCabinet offer unlimited growth and pay as you grow technology, but CallCabinet is automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest technology available, even without subscribers knowing about it. Because CallCabinet is a SaaS product, all of the brains and infrastructure of the product is located in the cloud, which means that CallCabinet provides upgrades to CallCabinet consistently, as new capabilities, features and technology allow. As with most hosted solutions, CallCabinet is guaranteed to record your Skype for Business recording calls anytime, anywhere, all of the time!

The secret to integrating with Skype for Business is CallCabinet’s strong relationship with AudioCodes. AudioCodes has a very close relationship with Microsoft and is one of the top Skype for Business partners in the world. CallCabinet enjoys a long, lasting relationship with AudioCodes and has been a part of the AudioCodes OEM ecosystem for many years. CallCabinet is one of the few AudioCodes partners who tests and contributes to the AudioCodes recording technology platform, making CallCabinet a valued and strategic partner with AudioCodes. This ensures that CallCabinet subscribers get the latest Skype for Business integration and features as they are released.

CallCabinet captures and records all types of Skype for Business calls, whether the user is on their Skype for Business client, smartphone client, or on their Skype for Business telephone. If the CallCabinet subscriber is working from home or a hotel room, CallCabinet will capture their calls and record them as if they were in the office. The flexibility of CallCabinet Skype for Business integration offers subscribers the ability to record anywhere, anytime from any device.

When a subscriber sets up their CallCabinet account, they will have access to their own CallCabinet portal where access to their recordings can be found. CallCabinet subscribers can search, retrieve, view, playback and even download their recordings. This can also be controlled by setting up specific user profiles where access to certain capabilities can be limited based on the level of access by the CallCabinet subscriber. This gives the subscriber company full control of who can have access to recordings and what they can do with those recordings.

CallCabinet is capable of integrating with customer deployed, cloud-based or hybrid Skype for Business Solutions. In customer deployed Skype for Business solutions, CallCabinet integrates with different Skype for Business components, capturing voice and metadata from each call pattern within the customer network.

Although CallCabinet is cloud-based, in customer deployed Skype for Business Networks, there is a small CallCabinet software component installed on the customer premise. To further guarantee security, there are two options available on the CallCabinet platform, the ability to install a software media server which keeps all conversations within the customer network, offering complete security and eliminates any vulnerability that Edge Server Pooling may cause. The other method utilizes the Skype for Business Edge Server which may or may not employ pooling that may expose calls outside of the customer network, depending upon how the Edge Server Pool is configured. CallCabinet offers the customer an easy method of deployment, at no additional cost that can secure conversations and protect the network from intrusion. Under either method, CallCabinet records all calls from any device, anywhere as long as the user is connected to the Skype for Business network.

In strictly cloud-based Skype for Business deployments, where the customer has their trunking deployed by Microsoft, CallCabinet can also integrate, using either the Microsoft Cloud Connector or a special CallCabinet software client that can record each user in the network. These types of deployments are typically seen with small to medium-size businesses where an “all in one” communication solution is key. Although this is a bit trickier, CallCabinet and AudioCodes have designed a solution that will fit this deployment and guarantee that calls are captured in a secure environment.

Finally, in larger, more flexible deployments like the Skype for Business Hybrid environments, CallCabinet is capable of capturing all recordings. These hybrid environments are typically found in enterprise deployments where control of the Skype for Business trunking is critical to the deployment. CallCabinet and AudioCodes, utilizing the CloudBond365 product, have collaborated to provide an all-encompassing solution that supports both cloud and registered Skype for Business users within the enterprise network.

No matter what the deployment method is for your Skype for Business Solution, CallCabinet can record your conversations. As regulatory compliance drives the need to monitor and record customer conversations, CallCabinet makes it cost-effective while keeping your solution current and reliable at a fraction of the cost of most recording systems. Find out more by visiting our website or take us for a free test drive at

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