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Get The Best From BroadSoft Call Recording In Your Business

CallCabinet | December 21, 2018

Usually, call recording is used in operations that need solid security and an accurate approach to their agent training and customer compliance. Legislation is strict when it comes to financial and other deals made over the phone, and often written contracts are replaced by telephone agreements. This means that any phone conversation by your agents with customers should not be taken lightly, especially if these conversations constitute non-written contracts or agreements.

Often multi-caller efficiency is needed to ensure compliance, and using BroadSoft call recording through the BroadSoft network ensures that calls by a number of people are recorded specifically and clearly. It enables the provider to ensure that all mission-critical call recording forms a crucial part of the services they offer, especially when it comes to financial transactions. BroadSoft call recording provides you with the ability to record up to a thousand calls for every server, and in addition to this, multiple recording options are available. This also encompasses the ability to conduct accurate evaluation of services provided by agents, monitoring on live calls in real-time, screen captures of particular transactions, and a host of analytical data that is crucial to the optimal functioning of the business.

BroadSoft call recording for clients of companies operating by telephone draw a range of benefits from BroadSoft call recording and these may include no need for heavy initial capital to invest, the luxury of paying only a monthly fee, and a seamless ability for the supplier to support a number of workers on a variety of sites at the same time.

BroadSoft call recording also benefits customers by helping them to draw in a whole new customer base, and to grow their income from these calls. BroadSoft call recording is low in maintenance and can integrate with a range of call recording software to provide a highly effective web interface that is totally web-based or cloud-based. There is also a variety of licensing options available with flexible cost schedules to suit the financial capabilities of most businesses.

Clients can rest assured that their compliance with relevant legislation is taken care of, and access to vital data is always on hand when needed. It is now possible to access analytics and valuable reporting systems from any type of smart device, e.g. tablets, laptops or smartphones to gather valuable insights regarding performance and status.

Even small or medium enterprises are now able to take advantage of all the benefits that BroadSoft call recording provides. Contact our team at CallCabinet to find out how you and your business can benefit from using our services!

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