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He said, She Said: Solving Disputes through Call Recording

CallCabinet | November 7, 2018

Because people are at the center of any business, mistakes are common, and communication is not always as clear or as succinct as we would like, misunderstandings may slip into important conversations. It’s easy for two people to disagree on what was said and by whom, which could turn into bigger disputes that may have dire consequences for any business.

When it comes to selling products or having certain legally binding conversations over the phone, especially high-value transactions or instructions, several problems may creep in. People may have a different understanding of the product, and often accents may influence the degree to which they understand the commitment to a particular product, payment, or service. Call Centre employees are also not faultless, and while they can be very well trained and read off a script, some will not get all their calls 100% correct during discussions with the client.

One sure way to deal with disputes is to record the call, especially if financial or legal obligations have to be met. Take for instance a call centre agent selling insurance. While the terms, conditions and coverage may be adequately and specifically spelled out by the call centre agent, the client on the other side may not comprehend exactly what is said, or they may think that they have understood everything when they actually don’t. Often customers just want to get the call over with and rush through the process, so they end up agreeing to things that they don’t necessarily grasp. Placing an order over the phone can have the same results, and call recording helps go a long way towards dispute resolution and securing the reputation and integrity of the company. Without call recording it turns into a “he said”, “she said” situation and nobody actually knows what was said or promised during the call.

How call recording resolves disputes

If the entire call is recorded, it can be replayed to the agent, manager, customer, or even the legal representatives involved. It means that there is a verbatim record of what was said and by whom. The power of call recording during disputes is invaluable and proves where misunderstandings may have occurred, or whether agents have followed the correct procedure during the call. It can also help to solve issues such as customers complaining about agents being rude or uncooperative.

Call recording provides irrefutable evidence where needed and is allowed in courts and other formal proceedings as evidence. Often when false claims are made or defamation of the company becomes possible, call recording can adequately solve these disputes. Call recording also works to resolve disputes within the company, for instance, a disagreement about an internal discussion about a certain issue. In order to avoid endangering your business, to ensure compliance with legislation and reduce overall risk, invest in call recording from CallCabinet today!

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