How CallCabinet Makes Avaya Aura and IP Office Compliant

CallCabinet | February 8, 2024
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In business communication, the integration of advanced conversation analytics tools is critical for feeding and propelling internal and external strategies while ensuring compliance.

Avaya’s calling to contact center communication platforms, Aura and IP Office, have long been stalwarts in meeting diverse business needs. Avaya Aura is designed for enterprise environments and Avaya IP Office focuses on small to medium business communications.

However, to truly unleash their potential and address contemporary competitive challenges, businesses are turning to CallCabinet’s suite of compliance and advanced analytics solutions which extend the value of these Avaya configurations.

In this blog, we explore how CallCabinet seamlessly enhances both the Aura and IP Office calling environments, providing a holistic approach to compliant communication and intelligence excellence.

Compliant Call Recording for Regulatory Assurance

For more and more industries, adherence to compliance regulations is a must. Once the domain of financial services, data privacy regulations are quickly becoming law for most industries across the globe.

CallCabinet’s compliant call recording ensures every interaction, from high-stakes negotiations to high-volume communications inside a contact center, is securely recorded, stored, and analyzed for compliance dependencies. This is particularly crucial within industries such as finance, retail, or healthcare where regulatory adherence is non-negotiable. From PCI DSS and Dodd-Frank to GDPR, POPI, and many more, CallCabinet covers them all.

CallCabinet automatically keeps your conversation data compliant keeping pace with the latest regulatory changes and requirements.

Quality Assurance Tools for Service Excellence

Customer experience is increasingly the main focus point for many companies but maintaining service excellence requires precision.

CallCabinet’s quality assurance tools provide a systematic approach to call monitoring and agent performance evaluation. This is especially beneficial in small to large call centers or enterprises where numerous agents engage in diverse customer interactions. CallCabinet visualizes conversation data through AI-driven business intelligence dashboards influenced by business metrics determined by the customer. With this data readily made available, agents can be monitored, and performance feedback can be delivered to ensure continuous improvement.

CallCabinet’s quality assurance tools range from manual to automated and will help your business identify both poor performance and best performance. It is the best way to benchmark productivity and progress which you can leverage to attract and retain top talent.

AES 256-bit Rotating Encryption Methodology

If not securely managed, recorded conversation data can leave your business exposed to unnecessary risk. CallCabinet’s utilization of AES 256-bit rotating encryption helps ensure that sensitive calling data remains impenetrable.

All conversation data ingested by CallCabinet, including migrated legacy data, are sealed with unique encryption for each call. This means that even when bad actors manage to access this data pool, each conversation’s data set must be individually decoded for consumption. This critical capability is a failsafe and a particularly crucial component for industries handling the intake of confidential information on a large scale.

CallCabinet’s multi-factor authentication, data encryption, data resilience, and data redundancy all work together to help protect your business’s valuable calling data.

AI-Driven Conversation Analytics and Business Intelligence

Every company relies on daily conversations to keep its business operational but to truly remain competitive, deriving meaningful insights from vast amounts of communication data is a strategic imperative which until now has been vastly underutilized.

CallCabinet’s AI-driven conversation analytics delves into recorded interactions, unveiling patterns, trends, customer sentiment, and emotion. This invaluable business intelligence provides the necessary contextual insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

CallCabinet collects conversation data and turns it into actionable insights that feeds departments across the business – support, marketing, sales, HR, development, and leadership. CallCabinet goes beyond dashboards, allowing for data engagement using integrated generative AI technology to extract the exact insights each department needs. This depth of data understanding is instrumental in shaping marketing strategies, understanding customer and employee behavior, and enhancing overall business performance across departments.

With CallCabinet you can use captured conversation data to uncover what would otherwise be missed during crucial decision-making and strategy alignment. Uncover new opportunities and never before seen insights from every conversation.

Platform Agnostic for Seamless Integration

Companies often use a diverse mix of UC platforms.  Ensuring seamless integration with 3rd party solutions is a complex and often costly task.

This is where CallCabinet’s unique platform-agnostic capability truly shines – allowing businesses to seamlessly record and analyze conversations from across any platform. Without compromising data sovereignty, CallCabinet aggregates conversation data into a single pane of glass view. This ensures uniformity in compliance measures, quality assurance protocols, and data analytics tools.

Whether you’re only using Avaya or a mix of communications platforms, CallCabinet fits your environment like a glove and can be deployed within days.

A Holistic Approach to Communication Excellence

CallCabinet’s suite of solutions stands as a strategic ally for businesses who have deployed or are planning to deploy, Avaya’s Aura throughout an enterprise or IP Office within small to medium business implementations. By seamlessly addressing compliance, ensuring service excellence, fortifying conversation data, providing actionable intelligence, and sheer versatility, CallCabinet elevates Avaya deployments from calling to the contact center.

Whether in the expansive realm of Aura or the streamlined setting of IP Office, the tight synergy between Avaya and CallCabinet is a testament to the pursuit of communication and intelligence excellence in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Learn more about CallCabinet for Avaya here.

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