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How Mitel Call Recording Optimizes your Business Performance

CallCabinet | December 27, 2018

How Mitel Call Recording Optimises your Business Performance

Call recording is used in many different operations where total transparency and evidence of the call and conversation is needed. A call recording facility operates in the same way as a normal voice recording on a cell phone or a computer, but because the Mitel Call Recording system is so advanced and sophisticated it provides a range of benefits that will not normally be available on a plain voice recording. It is used in a variety of businesses and has become an essential component that assists in the accurate and efficient operation of a business and to improve the customer experience. VoIP can take many forms, and Mitel call recording offers some of the best benefits for the business and the customer.

What is Mitel Call Recording?

This highly advanced system is not only used to record calls, but it can also analyse certain pieces of information and provide insightful reporting and statistics on these calls. Call recording can be activated on all or particular lines, and all the data discussed during the call is recorded and stored securely. Voice data files are then provided for analysis – these can be automatically categorised for filing or replay purposes. Call data is usually stored on cloud systems which provide a secure and safe method of storage and retrieval because there are no physical files that need to be protected against fire, floods, theft and other damage. Secure access can be set up for the users, which will enable them to retrieve and listen to calls from anywhere with the use of a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Statistics can be created about factors such as call length, numbers dialed, incoming or outgoing calls and results of particular calls.

Advantages of using Mitel Call Recording

In the business world, there are many rules, regulations and legislative requirements, and these may change on a constant basis. Businesses that want to ensure compliance with requirements can use call recording to ensure that their agents have the correct conversations, to identify gaps in training, and even to provide evidential proof of contracts being agreed to. Mitel call recording is easy to install and set up, and they vastly improve the customer experience by allowing calls to be monitored and reviewed to ensure the best service possible! Mitel call recording can also be instrumental in the resolution of disputes and allow the business to remain a step ahead when it comes to training and development of call agents.

If you would like to find out more about Mitel call recording, give our team at CallCabinet a call! We can provide you with all the advice and products you need for accurate call recording!

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