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How To Benefit From Cisco Call Recording Software

CallCabinet | December 14, 2018

It is no secret that the monitoring and recording of calls is now used to access, simplify and speed up financial transactions and other similar agreements. Previously, paperwork was required to purchase insurance, health insurance, financial agreements and to solidify other types of contracts. Nowadays a telephone conversation, agreement or consent from the customer by telephone is all that is needed to legalise a contractual agreement. It is therefore no surprise that financial bodies and legal institutions are strict about the conversations that take place during these transactions. Compliance with a variety of financial laws and regulations is primary to the effectiveness (and even the survival) of a business transacting via telephone, and therefore the ability to use Cisco call recording provides clients with an easy way to ensure this vital compliance.

Cisco call recording can be used by call centres of all types and descriptions for a wide variety of purposes. These include compliance, the analysis of speech, inaccuracies in information provided by the agent, training and development opportunities, blogging and even podcasting to market products. Transcription is only accurate with high-quality call recording, and as a result, Cisco call recording uses specific techniques and technologies to ensure that voice recording is crystal clear, and that background noise is minimised. There are, of course, basic requirements for all call recording embedded in the Cisco call recording system in order that ensure clear recording and compliance at all times.

About Cisco Unified IP phone-based call monitoring

IP or even VoIP is the norm with recording and analysis of a call. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol, and is recorded in data formats that enable voice calls to be transcribed, recorded, analysed and stored in easily encoded data formats to allow access to certain individuals or security levels. It typically utilises built-in-bridge (BIB) technology to enhance call monitoring and recording from a variety of devices, such as smartphones, computers and tablets. Customers can access live calls from any location, through any device, at any time. This provides insights on real-time calls, analysis on historic call information, and a thorough analysis of criteria sets that will enable the customer to interpret call data.

When Cisco call recording is implemented it enables two streams of communications to be audible – one audible to the operator from the supervisor, and another audible to the supervisor, but not to the customer. This enables the supervisor to evaluate the call in real-time, to provide assistance (without the customer hearing supervisor input) and to ultimately achieve a better result. This increases the success of on-the-job coaching opportunities and better call results overall.

If your business needs secure and accurate call recording, please contact our team at Call Cabinet to find out more about Cisco call recording. We will be happy to provide you with all the call recording information and benefits you need for your business – no matter how small or big your business is!

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