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Improve Your Call Center Performance with Agent Screen Recording

Jessica Kruger | December 1, 2020

Every company would like to improve call center agent performance, but integrating new quality practices comes with the risk of throwing off your customer service department’s rhythm.

On top of figuring out what new quality measures your contact center needs the most, there are time and budget constraints to consider. But what if you could capture a different angle of data inside a process you’re already running every day? Let’s talk about grabbing more than just audio and metadata from your customer interactions. Let’s also capture video.

How To Evaluate Call Center Agent Performance

While adding cameras to your contact center might show you some new aspects of your staff’s daily activities, it’s expensive and still doesn’t tell you what you need to know about your customer interactions. To dissect a call, you’ll need audio recording and an audio-synchronous playback of your agent’s monitor during the interaction. 

Call center performance largely relates to your agent’s on-screen workflow. Is your customer service process slowing your agent’s call handling or response time? Is your agent failing key performance metrics because she can’t navigate a poorly designed software interface or because Netflix is open in the background all day? Most of all, is it possible you discover these call center agent performance metrics right from your existing call recording software? We certainly think so.

Contact Center Screen Recording: See What Your Agents See

Picture your call center manager in a coach’s uniform pointing to Xs and Os on a screen as she teaches your staff how to serve your customers better. An analysis is the first step in upgrading your customer service standards. Watching playback of your agent screens isn’t just to find out who has Facebook open in the background (though it’s certainly helpful.) Identifying bottlenecks in your agent’s on-screen procedures will help you find solutions as you craft a training curriculum.

Call Center Metrics To Look For

Didn’t I Just Tell You That?

Customers have a strong dislike for having to repeat their data. This annoying occurrence can either be a failure of your CRM platform’s design or just an under-trained agent. Either way, the screen recording will show you where this source of customer frustration is occurring.

Screen capture gives us the maximum amount of information about our customer interactions from your best agent calls and provides a clear view of what agents have open on their screens when talking to your customers.

Hold Times and Abandonment Rates

When your call center is in the weeds and hold times are high, customers hang up. This clearly won’t raise customer satisfaction. What is the reason for the hold time? Procedural bottlenecks often account for the percentage of calls abandoned. Your agent screen captures can layout where improvements need to be made. Perhaps a process that is taking three screens and ten clicks can be updated to require one screen and just five clicks. If that shaves 30-seconds off the average call, your customers will feel it when you multiply that 30-second reduction by the number of agents and calls per day your center is servicing. 

call center agents


In finance, e-commerce, and healthcare organizations, agents handle a high degree of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). When a customer has their PII exposed, the hunt begins for the origin of the exposure. Having a complete record of your transactions with that customer means having call audio: a transcript, and a video of the agent’s screen. Provided your agent followed your security measures, you can provide the authorities and the customer with proof that their data was handled properly. You’ll avoid an expensive and time-consuming investigation. 

And note, improving agent performance in the call center isn’t just about customer satisfaction; it’s about protecting your company. Capturing agent screens as part of your call center monitoring will highlight agents who need more compliance training. The financial risks of non-compliant agent practices justify the deployment of call and screen recorders. 

How Do I Record My Agent Screens?

We want to avoid spending too much time, money, and IT resources while maximizing customer satisfaction and industry compliance. This is where Cloud-processing comes in. Using a full Cloud-native application like CallCabinet provides call recording management and agent screen capture with minimal impact on your network bandwidth and your limited resources. Video storage is also a perfect application for a Cloud-based suite because it saves you from allocating local space and increasing your security measures. 

It’s essential to choose a solution that has flexibility regarding which agent screens and extensions are captured and the method used to capture. Your solution should be able to export video recordings to industry-standard formats. More importantly, you need the ability to tackle compliance audits and disputes, which means video recordings must be securely exportable with encryption to outside parties.

A Recap of CallCabinet Screen Capture Benefits

  • Video delivers a complete picture of customer interactions
  • Enhances agent evaluation, helps with training
  • Requires minimal IT resources
  • Captures multiple angles of interaction (ideal for financial companies)
  • Low network bandwidth usage
  • Data stored and encrypted in the Cloud
  • Flexible capture methods including multi-screen recording
  • Audio & Video are synchronously recorded for seamless playback

Request a demo today and let us help you increase customer satisfaction while managing your agent performance.

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