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UC Today and CallCabinet discuss partner trends and challenges

CallCabinet | April 26, 2023

David Dungay from UC Today hosts Ravel Todd, CMO of CallCabinet, and gets insights on some of the biggest challenges and trends impacting partners right now.

Read the full transcription below.

David Dungay: Welcome to UC Today. My name is David Dungay. We are back for another UC partner update. I am joined by Ravel Todd, CMO of CallCabinet. Welcome to the show, Ravel. How are you?

Ravel Todd: I’m great. Thanks, David, for having me. This is an exciting time to be talking.

David Dungay: Fantastic. So today, Ravel is going to be sharing some of her insights on the partner market, and of course, the CallCabinet portfolio, what’s coming up, what’s hot, and what partners should be keeping their eyes on from a product perspective over the next 12 months. Ravel, let’s get straight into it. I want to start with some challenges. What are the biggest challenges you’re seeing at the moment that are impacting your partners?

Ravel Todd: So, I think it’s been consistent for the past couple of years, which is people are trying to do more with less. And so, these partners are looking for ways to come forward with their customers, opportunity solutions that will help scale across the business, that alleviate some of the resource pain and provide insights where they can make really quick decisions across the business to improve their revenue, improve their speed, improve their productivity, and improve their revenue in the process. So, I think that is where partners are looking for ways to become true solution providers to their install base and to acquisition accounts that they’re going after. And part of why we bring so much of what they’re looking for to the table because of the insights that live in the data.

David Dungay: Yeah. We’re seeing that all across the market at the moment. This is a moment of sensitivity around cost. Customers are looking to rationalize technology and save some money where they’ve maybe overspent in the last couple of years buying those collaborative technologies and things.

Ravel Todd: That’s right.

David Dungay: I want to get a bit more insight into the CallCabinet portfolio, the product roadmap, what’s coming down the line, what should partners be aware of, and what kind of features and benefits are you going to bring to your partners over the next 12 months or so?

Ravel Todd: So, today’s portfolio is hitting the really critical parts of the recording business today, which is, at a baseline, it has to be compliant. So, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, compliance is the underpinning of where everything needs to start. And so, of the two recording packages we have, starting at the very basic to the more advanced, they come with out-of-the-box customizable reporting capabilities against what’s being recorded, even to the point of automated QA against the agents within a contact center environment. So, these two basic packages, these two core packages are relevant for anyone looking for a very strong, compliant, scalable call recording solution.

What we’ve found is that it’s not just the call recording that’s important, but it’s how to run intelligence across the calls that have been captured, and how to take the data that was living in a legacy world, whether it’s been on-prem, in a hybrid environment, to the cloud, so that you can take a look at all that data, whether it belonged to CallCabinet to begin with, or a legacy vendor, so we can bring it all together, migrate it to the cloud and run intelligence across all that customer data to give them a full view of the insights that sit within it. And I think this is where we then have two new packages which are across the BI pieces of the business, so we have a standard and an advanced analytics set of packages.

From a standard perspective, what we’re able to do is go in and grab from the voice data really clear insights that then get turned into dashboards that are updated regularly, real-time, so you can make quick decisions based upon what you’re finding, whether it’s through customer experience that you’re looking to find insights, productivity, whether from a compliance perspective, from a PCI redaction to if the scripts are being followed as they should be, which involves the agent QA. It allows you to look at these dashboards and quickly make these decisions and evaluate the performance of your internal teams and what you’re hearing. Advanced takes it to the whole next level because now we’re doing consultative services. We come in, we say, Okay, tell us what kinds of insights you need to find. Tell us what types of reporting you’re needing to look at.

And we will design custom dashboards for these customers, that on a monthly consultative basis, we can come in and tweak and adjust those readouts against those reports so that we continue to grow their insights as their business progresses and as they make decisions based upon what they’re seeing. So, we are able to do this very fluidly. And also, as I said, because we work on-prem as well as in a hybrid world, are all cloud-based, we can help use all that data and migrate it into one place to give the complete picture. I think the next piece is … all the different pieces I’ve talked about live not just on their own, but were integrated in across multiple platforms. And so, depending on which platform you’re using, whether it’s Cisco or Microsoft or Zoom, you have the ability to natively apply our applications to those worlds, and actually pull forward not just the audio, but video as well, do screen scraping, screen recording as well as the voice, as well as the video component.

And as an example, in a teams call. So, this is where you get a bigger picture, but this analysis I talked about these custom dashboards that can be created, don’t just pull through data from voice, it’s multiple data sources that can be brought in, ingested to produce the views that need to be seen. And that’s where we’re seeing the market wants to go so that we can take from chat to text to social to email, all these levels of communication that are painting the bigger picture about what’s happening internally, and also the conversations with your customers.

David Dungay: That can’t be overstated really. We’re seeing this across the partner ecosystem where customers are moving from those traditional calls, or they have been for quite some time now over the PSTN network, to video chat and everything else. And there’s potentially quite a lot of opportunity there for partners, I imagine, for those customers who are maybe only capturing that traditional voice element of their calls currently, and they’re just completely missing all of this collaboration-type opportunity. So, massive opportunity for partners, which is great.

Ravel Todd: Right. And I think the piece that’s coming right as we start to talk about rolling it forward 12, 18 months is all this AI capability that’s being integrated into our platform that allows you to have this predictive nature of the data that’s being brought in, so you now can start to get ahead of what’s being ingested to start to move this data very quickly, and provide insights based upon what has been seen, and allow the businesses to really have a leap forward in what they’re starting to make these broader decisions against. They’re not waiting for the data. You’re seeing a trend that predictive AI capability is now delivering it as part of the overall BI package.

David Dungay: What would you say to those partners who perhaps may not feel they’re particularly skilled up internally in terms of AI or their data intelligence? What would you say to those partners who are looking at call recording from the outside, from these data capture mechanisms? Is this something they can easily jump into?

Ravel Todd: They can. And I think this is part of the reason partnership is so important. Partners benefit from relationships like the one with CallCabinet, where we go in with you to have the conversation so you, the partners, don’t specifically have to have that expertise. But the power of partnering with us means that we go hand in hand to complement the conversations you’re having to understand and ask questions they may not readily be asking and grow that level of knowledge with partners to help them secure a broader footprint within their customer base, as well as extending into new acquisitions where they couldn’t have maybe gained those logos or those customers before because they were missing this component of their solutions to go forward with into those customers. And so, I think there’s been a relatively good sized gap in call recording because it traditionally has been thought of as a pretty, not interesting, level of solution.

And what you have to do is go in and start having a broader more consultative conversation with customers. And we’re there to help do that, and take the technology that we bring forward, taking what was traditional call recording to a whole nother level, and realizing that there is so much rich data that sits in that conversational data that they’re capturing that may be siloed, or living in really strange places, that’s never been touched, that now can with very little effort, be leveraged. And I think that level of consultation that partners can bring to their customers establishes a greater level of value and makes it harder for their competition to come in and take those customers away. And customers see where they’re now extending their success and their own revenue profitability, very quickly. And that’s where you see partners and customers and their installed base becoming very tightly tied.

David Dungay: Yeah, well, Ravel, I think that’s a fantastic place to end today’s conversation. Thank you so much for joining me and sharing your insights.

Ravel Todd: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

David Dungay: And thank you for watching. You’ve been watching me, David Dungay, on UC Today. Don’t forget, you can watch all the big UC partner updates on the website That’s it from me. See you next time.

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