Why You Need Compliance Call Recording in Operator Connect

Jessica Kruger | September 29, 2021

Microsoft has once again made a bold move to ensure significant market share increases in the Unified Communications space with the introduction of Operator Connect. In the context of MS Teams’ explosive growth, this was a brilliant move on Microsoft’s part. With general availability pushed to September 30, 2021, Operator Connect puts the management of carrier services in the hands of the enterprise, but what about the compliance side of the business?

Many enterprises require compliance recording of calls and meetings to comply with regulatory requirements, settle disputes, and have a record of transactions from meetings. Carriers are called upon to provide a solution for these compliance needs to their customers, preferably within a Microsoft-based infrastructure. This means the solution must work perfectly within the Azure space, in other words, a Microsoft-certified platform is needed.  

In comes CallCabinet for Microsoft Operator Connect.

CallCabinet for Microsoft Operator Connect is a game-changer for global carriers and managed service providers. The most significant advantage is the ability to offer an end-to-end Microsoft Unified Communications suite to their customers. This solution also generates new revenue streams through the flexibility of CallCabinet MS Teams compliance recording and Microsoft Operator Connect. 

Besides offering compliance recording for MS Teams audio, video, screen sharing and chat, CallCabinet provides robust business intelligence tools to improve the customer experience and guard against fraud. Value-add features include voice analytics, quality assurance and employee evaluation tools to help supervisors gather highly actionable insights from their MS Teams calls and meetings.

What is Compliance Recording?

Compliance recording is the legally required process of capturing (recording) and storing customer interactions (phone calls, video meetings) in a secure manner that adheres to local, national, and global regulatory requirements.  Many industries require compliance recording such as finance, healthcare, regulated utilities as well as general company departments like HR and accounting.

Why Compliance Recording is Critical for MS Teams on Operator Connect

In the past few years, Microsoft Teams usage has exploded. Last month, Microsoft announced a staggering 250 million monthly active Teams users. Everyone that uses Microsoft Teams knows it excels at internal business connectivity and customer service interactions; however, it wasn’t designed to function as a compliance solution. The number of Teams users is set to grow significantly even past Microsoft’s current market share with the release of Operator Connect. Without a Microsoft-native, secure recording method, the stringent compliance laws of regulated industries go unmet. CallCabinet fills every compliance gap.

12 Ways CallCabinet Fills the Microsoft Teams Compliance Gaps

  1. Azure-native, Microsoft-certified end-to-end solution. All MS Teams media is captured and stored within the Azure space.
  2. Microsoft automatic compliance recording for MS Teams with custom configuration options.
  3. Secure and compliant storage in the Azure cloud, on-premise or hybrid.
  4. Extensive locational controls to ensure adherence to data sovereignty requirements within the CallCabinet Azure network.
  5. 256-bit AES rotating encryption methodology
  6. Resilient 2N recording capability hosted in the Azure fabric.
  7. Meets all global security compliance standards.
  8. Encrypted compliance sharing feature.
  9. Custom retention settings to ensure recordings are stored for legally required timeframes.
  10. Recordings are centrally stored and managed with time-stamped metadata. 
  11. PCI DSS module to ensure all sensitive customer data is redacted from recordings and speech-to-text transcriptions.
  12. CallCabinet’s audit log details who in your company accessed calls, when they did so, and what, if any, actions were taken on recordings (e.g. call shared via compliance share feature).

Global Partners Sell More with CallCabinet Compliance Recording

CallCabinet was among the first Microsoft-certified compliance recording solutions for MS Teams. Its cloud-native infrastructure provides the ultimate in flexibility and scalability and allows it to be deployed as rapidly as Operator Connect services. Whether the end customer uses Microsoft Teams device-to-device, through a Microsoft carrier service, Direct Routing or Operator Connect, CallCabinet securely captures and compliantly stores every MS Teams call and meeting. This is because CallCabinet records all MS Teams’ interactions directly from the Azure space, after the call is joined, no matter how it was connected.

To learn more about CallCabinet, reach out to us today to request a demo and learn more about how CallCabinet can help you increase your revenue opportunities and enhance your service offering for MS Teams.

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