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Why You Need Call Recording Software For Your Call Centre

CallCabinet | November 30, 2018

If you are managing a call centre, you will know how important it is that your customer interactions are handled properly by your call centre staff. In the past, very traditional methods were used to record calls and to evaluate staff members on their handling of these calls only. Nowadays, however, it has become crucial that not only voice recording is evaluated, and that you are able to measure via other metrics as well, such as number of calls, length of calls, quality of calls, performance during calls, and even hit rates as a result of calls.

The new generation of call centre recording software extends way beyond just measuring calls. The new types of software can upload scripts and change these according to the calls, track call centre statistics, record calls and provide comprehensive reporting on a variety of statistics that allow you to track the success of your agents and your call centre overall.

Benefits of employing the use of call recording include the following:

  • Ensure compliance: Different types of businesses have to comply with different types of legislation and regulations, and one way to ensure that calls are compliant is to record them. Ensuring that the company remains compliant ensures that your company does not run the risk of law suits and unhappy customers.
  • Happier customers: Swift call centre reactions to customer calls is very important. The attitude of the call centre employee is also crucial, and they cannot react negatively to rude or impatient customers. They have to be empathetic and helpful at all times, and using call recording software to replay and listen to calls will catch the moments where call centre staff fail to communicate well. Being recorded ensures that your call centre agents apply their training effectively and communicate in a way that satisfies the clients.
  • Employee development: Often when new people are employed they have to go through an induction process that provides guidance and training on the legislative and communication requirements of the job. Being able to listen to recorded calls provides them with an opportunity to learn how to, and how not to, handle calls. This means that your new recruits will fare better and the likelihood of errors can be reduced.
  • Better efficiency: It is crucial to ensure high productivity in the work environment because this directly affects the profitability of a business. Call recording helps to ensure that call centre agents remain focused on goals and business metrics, and employers are able to continuously conduct performance reviews to ensure that call centre staff perform well, and that opportunities for training are noticed as soon as possible.

At CallCabinet we provide technology that records and stores your calls (and other relevant interactions) in a highly compliant and secure environment. This means that you have access to recordings in any location where internet is available. It can be accessed from a range of devices such as tablets, computers or smart phones. Our call recording technology can be applied in a wide range of environments, including companies with as few as 2 or 3 call agents. Contact us to find out more about our innovative call recording software!

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