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You Should Invest In Cloud Call Recording For Your Business

CallCabinet | December 18, 2018

Technology has developed enormously over the last decade, and while businesses were somewhat suspicious about the benefits of cloud storage before, they are now more likely to leverage the advantages provided by cloud storage and cloud call recording. The initial reluctance of business owners to store valuable corporate information on cloud has been alleviated by the introduction of new security measures, encryption and other technology that ensures secure storage and the prevention of unauthorised access to valuable data.

One of the main benefits of cloud storage is that it enables mobility that is not possible with traditional storage methods. Now we can access files anywhere at any time from any smart device to receive real time information on the status and recording of calls. The facilitation of collaboration between branches and offices also reduces cost on storage space, and enhances the control over data. It also improves the reliability and compliance of transactions conducted over the phone and management of voice operators regardless of location. While security is always a concern, cloud call recording has proven to be very secure, and the versatility of this technology is highly protected with end-to-end encryption devices and security awareness software programs. This means that concerns about security can be minimised and that data can be securely stored on cloud format. It also provides clients to have better access and control over the data they store and the overall management of the business through call recording.

Cloud call recording vastly improves the mobility of the teams and their performance when it comes to the calls they initiate and receive. The call content is important because recording ensures compliance to a vast range of regulatory restrictions. Backup is vital – with traditional methods using servers, data would be affected by flood or fire, or even unauthorised access. With cloud call technology, however, recording it is possible to ensure the safety of information even during natural disasters, computer breakdowns, loss of software and other disastrous scenarios.

Using cloud call recording also empowers the client to define security parameters and policies which provide and restrict access to a variety of employees. This provides employees with more autonomy and better decision making abilities based on real-time information. The access to certain user calls, statistics, analysis, and even formulation of custom reports based on immediate data needs while still protecting business-crucial data can be very important. Lost devices and theft of servers or hard drives are not a problem with cloud call recording because all call data is stored in the abstract, and is accessible when new hardware and software are to be implemented.

Finding out about how cloud call recording can benefit your company is easy when you call our team at Call Cabinet. We have all the expertise and products to ensure that your call recording facility is effective and secure!

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